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Help Timbo the Worm get revenge on the chickens with the help of the magical going-back-in-time potion!

All art assets taken from Animation Library. Music courtesy of SynthMania, recommended by SpindleyQ.

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The worms of time! the

The worms of time! the chickens of destiny!

i think there is a bug though because you can control your forward movement

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I just kinda want to get

I just kinda want to get this story straight:
So I'm a worm that somehow becomes super destructive to chickens by drinking a potion that takes me back in time, but eventually I meet my match ( assumably a chicken which has drank a time-potion of their own to avenge all the chickens I destroyed?)

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I had to replay the game to

I had to replay the game to make sure, but yeah, that narrative seems like a feasible interpretation.

In all honesty, I don't remember what story I had in mind when I made this (if any). Incorporating time travel at all was probably inspired just by the existence of this bizarre Bottle with clock animation, while the phrase "going-back-in-time potion" is a reference to Soulja Boy's review of Braid. I like time travel as a theme a lot, especially as a way of exploring the concept of free will. That might be what I was going for here, with the way the game only allows you to progress forward to your doom standing in for the sense of fatality that convoluted time travel plots often provide. I think I explored these things more literally in an earlier, equally slapdash game, The Box That Ate Time.