INVISIBLE MEGAN for let-off-studios

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this is a print and play boardgame !! you need to print one page out (more if you want) and candy / snacks / treats (7).

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Randomness, Luck & Chance
Pattern Recognition
Flightless Birds & Female Protagonists

more info in the readme!

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As if I needed yet another excuse to eat dark chocolate bits. :)

Thank you so much for this! I plan to use my laser cutter and make durable versions of these tiles for repeat plays.

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a laser cutter wow !! then you are the perfect recipient for this game !! i'm so glad it worked out this way !!

yeah part of this game was to make sure you treat yourself without feeling guilty because it's for good things (O:

i hope you enjoy :O}

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oh hey if your laser cutter uses .ai files, here you go!: