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Trans-Mousegirl Adventure


This game is dedicated to all the trans friends I have <3

content warnings for: pee joke, non-explicit bad endings.

Choose your own adventure: You are a little trans mousegirl who needs to get some food and medicine, but watch out, for a catgirl stalks to the house!

Made in Candle's Tape Window Engine.

Music Used:
"Away" and "New House" Laika & the Tape Loops!

SFX used:
"Chuột Cống 3" by SieuAmThanh
"cat meowing" by nekoninja

[Download Instructions: Unzip folder and launch index.html , no localhost needed]

Mariken S.
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frog game for you


hi everyone and welcome to my game <|:)

things to note for playing the game:
- i'm sorry
- the last door on the left has no room to look at and the door to the right of it has no exit, so maybe pick that door last.

things i feel like saying that aren't important for playing the game:
i made this mostly summer 2018. it was a really weird time and i don't really remember writing any of the things that appear in the game, but that's life. the last room, the garden, was made yesterday (4/8/19). i hope you like clicking around this frog's house and if you have anything you want to say to me please

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Soccer Judge III: Redemption


This next thrilling instalment in the Soccer Judge franchise sees the action move off the soccer court and into a court... of law.

Made by Liam and Sergio, with vital unspecified creative contributions by Lucy!

Source available here.

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Full Speed Kiss (for clyde)



Can our hero, Song Joong-ki, navigate the cutthroat world of illegal street racing and the echoes of his DARK PAST?
* 3 levels!
* Cutscenes!
* Feelings!
* Intrigue....
* Hovo-bikes modeled in tilt brush!
* Celebrity appearances by Song Joong-ki, Jessica Jung, Ryan Gosling, Treaxy, and ??<><@#!@ (SIGNAL SCRAMBLED)
* A korean adult contemporary love song!

WASD / arrow keys to drive. "R" to reset to the last checkpoint if you fall over. "0" (zero) skips a racing segment (cheat!!)

I hope the story is to your liking. I've never written a romance before, nor have I ever considered it, so it was pretty challenging.

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Maze of Color


Find out what color she wants to be painted.
There are seven colors and you have to paint a background, her, and some details.
Kind of a sequel to "Maze of Darkness".


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Snow Bunnies


Just move around with the arrow keys and press Enter to interact with people.

Tell me what you think. Have fun.

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Sea Of Love


abortive dating sim

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Romantic Ping Pong Experts


Skunk unrelated but as a screenshot, you play the role of a pacemaking rooster who must bring love and romance back by, by playing ping pong. Not in the traditional manner of course, and no klipart has been used in this release. Anyway, expect some annoying gameplay, and if you don't want to get bpm to 120 you can always press = to go to the next frame and backspace for previous frame.

More info on the plot in the Help/About section in the executable, the sir who did a wonderful job on the soundtrack, I'd like your e-mail so I can thank you in person. Pseudocold by Adhesion. Game completed in a day.

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Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #5 (Mar 2010)
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Wasps vs. Demons: A Love Story


You are Toni, a demon of the House Oni, who has fallen in love with the wasp daughter of the House Hymenoptera. Her family does not approve. Convince them of their mistake and take her hand in girlfriendage. A visual novel / turn-based RPG. I got started ahead of time as this was a request.

Completed as a Kickstarter reward, for a donor who gave the theme "Wasps VS Demons! A love story". Thank you for your donation!

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Time Demon vs. Indie Coffee


Get to your date at INDIE COFFEE before TIME DEMON catches you! Avoid SLOW WALKERS as they will spell your DOOM if bumped too often!
Can you get to your date on time, or will LOVE BE OVER FOREVER?!
(It IS possible to get to your date on time)

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