Snow Bunnies

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Just move around with the arrow keys and press Enter to interact with people.

Tell me what you think. Have fun.

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An event


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I liked the conversations

I liked the conversations and would have liked seeing where the other dialog options led, but the walking part of the game was pretty tedious and experiencing it once was enough for me. It still makes me look forward to what other RPGM2003 stuff you'll come up with, I'm playing "I don't like Mondays" right now and enjoying it a lot.

Also, the shortcuts don't work this time, I'm afraid.

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Oh, no. How did you get it

Oh, no. How did you get it to run?

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It also happened with me on

It also happened with me on both of your games (I forgot to mention it in my I Hate Mondays comment). I ran the games by going into the project folder and clicking the RPG_RT executable.

I can understand the long walking segment as being a way to encourage players not to play again, so that everybody has a different experience and to preserve that feeling of not knowing everything that the game contains.