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1HGJ: Space Face Vase


SPACE FACE VASE, a game made in one hour for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was Never Enough.

The goal is to destroy as many vases as possible. Launch balls from your face and they just might hit one. The green bar on the left is how much time you have left, while the red bar on the right (kinda sorta) keeps track of how many vases remain. Try for a high score!

You have very little control. But here are the "controls."

Press ANY KEY to launch a ball.
...I mean, really mash your keyboard.
Press the -R- KEY to restart the game.

I personally think this one is pretty whacked-out. I wanted to create the feeling of being a kid again, the moment when you throw handfuls of your Matchbox cars together to create massive chaos and hear all those satisfying *clatter* sounds. Enjoy!

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You are bicycling home. It is late at night.

You check the weather report. Chance of precipitation: 100%.

This is no ordinary rain.

Happy Birthday, GT! :D

Press the ENTER, SPACE, CTRL, or SHIFT key to begin the game while PLAY is highlighted on the title screen.

->Move your bicyclist with the ARROW KEYS.
->Shoot flaming arrows with SHIFT.
->Toss bombs with CTRL.

Making an attack takes away a certain amount of energy. The bad news is if you run out of energy then you lose. The good news is your energy will slowly replenish as you ride.

You can win the game by defeating the evil cloud or by bicycling all the way home. You can lose the game by running out of energy or if too many spiders make it past you.


Event structure by let-off studios. Sprites mostly by Clickteam. Sounds by clickteam or made by let-off studios in BFXR. Background music by Play-On-Loop. I was inspired completely by the Random Creative Idea Generator to make and name this game. All resources linked on the game's "About" frame. If you would like to see the source MFA file, just let me know.

EDIT: Disabled one of my debugging events that would cause the spider counter to go up unbidden. You shouldn't die so quickly from spiders now.

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Heart Pounding TrainWreck Marathon


Yo, what's up Glorious Trainwrecks?!

So, there was that "Klik and Play Marathon: The Final Laps" event.
FirecatFG and I made 42 short games!
Each of these games were made in about 15 or so minutes!

This exe has all the games that were posted in Klik and Play Marathon.
It also has a few games that I wanted to save for this huge file.
There's an interactive overworld for selecting all the games!
There's a password screen!
There's a huge text file with all the controls for each game and different hints.
Ask us questions if you want!


FirecatFG and everythingstaken
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An event
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The 5 Amingos


Here is a second compilation of 5 games (a sequel to 3 of Kind) where there are some sort of 4th wall breaking secrets. If you like fruit and if you like bugs and if you like tough puzzling games, you'll like this.

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Three of Kind


Here are three different small puzzle games. I originally made the different games in Klik n Play and then I imported it into MF2. Good luck!

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An event

Romantic Ping Pong Experts


Skunk unrelated but as a screenshot, you play the role of a pacemaking rooster who must bring love and romance back by, by playing ping pong. Not in the traditional manner of course, and no klipart has been used in this release. Anyway, expect some annoying gameplay, and if you don't want to get bpm to 120 you can always press = to go to the next frame and backspace for previous frame.

More info on the plot in the Help/About section in the executable, the sir who did a wonderful job on the soundtrack, I'd like your e-mail so I can thank you in person. Pseudocold by Adhesion. Game completed in a day.

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Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #5 (Mar 2010)
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In this game, you are a rabbi, and you must throw latkes at all the boys who were not circumcised when they were 8 days old.

Gemstones will sometimes appear, and if you collect them you earn extra points!

This is my first Glorious Trainwreck. Made with MMF2. Features the rabbi graphic along with some other clipart I found.


EDIT: Minor bug-fixes and edits. Made the game more challenging: children are faster and spawn more frequently as the game continues. The player now loses a candle if a child leaves the bottom of the screen.

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This game is heavily based on an old freeware Mac game called Gravity Ball, by Aaron Davidson. Most of the visual and sound design is cribbed from that game, although the individual assets were collected by me.

The ball is repelled by the mouse. Keep it within the marked circle to beat the level!

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Super Extreme Bird Frightener: Terrible Clipart Edition


By popular request.

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Pirate Kart 2
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