The 5 Amingos

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Here is a second compilation of 5 games (a sequel to 3 of Kind) where there are some sort of 4th wall breaking secrets. If you like fruit and if you like bugs and if you like tough puzzling games, you'll like this.

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I've been trying to put my

I've been trying to put my finger on why this game strikes such a chord with me, and then I realized that it plays a lot like some of my first ever Klik & Play experiments! The shareware demo of KnP didn't let me use the Event Editor, so I resorted to what the Step-Thru Editor let me do: object behaviors mostly related to object collisions which created new objects as a result. The puzzles in here are object interaction puzzles, done in such a way that it feels really nostalgic to me.

I especially liked the method of unlocking the secret.

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I conquered it! I definitely

I conquered it! I definitely found the first game the trickiest.