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League of Piss


John Fogle, Aini, and the Purple Hat Man are back and ready for a sublime bullet experience. and also driving a bus and this time there are no police but there are stink bugs and also a robot
this game is an adventure point and click game but also there are battles in bullet hell style and also driving a bus.
I started making this game like 6 months ago just as my brain was getting all fucked up but in that time it has gotten pretty much better mostly so I think that you can see some themes like this in the game, or at least maybe you can see the themes that made my brain get better.

hell yedah

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gohantop ofthemountainthat livesfor noone

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and we lived to see another day

Kind of a response to some of the comments in Pineapple.
Edit Sunday, August 9th: I changed the end of the wall swimming area and added a few more save points.

Akira Toriyama
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For left-off-studios: Every Shot is Sacred


Xmas gift for left-off-studios. A minamlist shoot 'em up in which the player may use the Left + Right arrows to dodge enemies or the Space bar to shoot them. The catch is that if a shot goes off screen, the player loses. Consider this a rough cut.

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The 5 Amingos


Here is a second compilation of 5 games (a sequel to 3 of Kind) where there are some sort of 4th wall breaking secrets. If you like fruit and if you like bugs and if you like tough puzzling games, you'll like this.

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This is a sequel to the other Snowing game. This one is more than just one room.

WASD for movement
Space = doors and talking
Tab= refresh level
Esc = refresh game (which will be needed if you get stuck in a corner so to speak)

I hope you enjoy it!

Edit: I just uploaded a new one with a few bugs and goofs that I made fixed. 1-8 endings are now accessible! Thanks Dattorz!

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Snowing: A Jail for Twins


This is the first of a bunch of games! From this one there will be others that continue the narrative from each ending. There are 13 endings to this one (0-12). Have fun!

eDIT: Sometimes you have to talk to someone else to get someone to talk to you again.

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A Shooter Which Doesn't Commonly Became Easy


You are in a pointless mission, destroying 11 ships of massive bullet hell.
Use your magic mouse to guide the ultimate ship and watch it destroy these big ships.

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Run Around And Kill Everything!


[UPDATE: I created a post-compo version with sound effects, music, and a lot less enemies! http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46767238/KlikNPlay71_post_compo/index.html ]

Use your mouse to make your character (the green rectangle) run around the screen. Avoid the many, many Enemies (the red rectangles) - they will kill you if they touch you!

Click the left mouse button to shoot bullets (the pink rectangles) in the direction that you are moving. Bullets will kill Enemies they touch, and can kill many Enemies in a straight line! The faster your character is moving, the faster the bullets will fly!

Now Run Around And Kill Everything!!!

(This game requires that you have the Silverlight 2 web browser plug-in installed on your computer. This is a free, quick download from Microsoft).


This is my first ever entry into the Klik of the Month Klub.
I discovered (too late!) that because I have Windows 7 64-bit, I can not use the Klik N Play tool. Instead I made a game in Silverlight. Original version done in 90 minutes in time for the 2am (London time) deadline. Final version done 45 minutes later.

Here is my work log (in London time, so 00:00 midnight is 4pm Pacific time) :

00:18 Got home from party, and downloaded Klik & Play.
00:27 Searched for info on running KNP on 64-bit Windows. Found it will take hours to resolve. Looked for alternatives.
00:35 Decided to make a Silverlight game in 90 minutes! Made a copy of the barebones Engine2D_Test solution.
01:05 Player rectangle follows mouse cursor smoothly. Other rectangles follow player smoothly.
01:45 Enemies and bullets! Home stretch!
02:00 Submitted a few revisions of the game.
02:15 Submitted a few screenshots. Changed the game name to "Run Around And Kill Everything!". Added more tags.
02:40 Final refinements to gameplay completed, and game resubmitted.

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Village Vampire Feast


Spoooooooky times ahead!

You're a vampire and you've just come to this village, looking to feed off the local populace and survive as long as you can. Avoid the police's bullets and create a vampire army to help distract the authorities, but make sure you leave yourself enough to eat!

- For each living person (cop or citizen) you eat, you get 100 points, plus a 50% health regeneration
- For each second you stay alive, you get 10 points
- You do not get points or health for eating vampires

- Press X to eat (drain the blood of) a living person or a vampire
- Press C to convert citizens or cops into vampires
- If a citizens are close to the site of a vampire (you or your another vampire) execution, one will be stirred to justice and become a cop
- Cops will chase and shoot at other vampires if they're close
- If vampires are hungry, they will eat cops or citizens when they meet them
- Every 15 seconds you stay alive, a new citizen will move into town
- Sometimes when a male and female citizen meet, they will have a new citizen! It's important to leave some citizens alive so they'll create new citizens and leave you with a supply of food

UPDATE 10/24:
- Revamped map, including new lake and graveyard areas
- New icon, title screen, and sound effects
- Converted vampires are now more effective as distractions
- Cops no longer crowd into the same space, making it more possible to pick them off in groups
- Introduced visible genders
- Various invisible tweaks that make the game more interesting and fun to play!

Ghosts2.mid from Curlys Spooky Halloween Midi Music

John D. Moore
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