gohantop ofthemountainthat livesfor noone

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Akira Toriyama

and we lived to see another day

Kind of a response to some of the comments in Pineapple.
Edit Sunday, August 9th: I changed the end of the wall swimming area and added a few more save points.

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but that was fun

but that was fun

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I'm glad you liked it. I'm glad you read the tags, so I added some more tags.

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It was fun trying to

It was fun trying to understand this. I can beat it in about 2 minutes now... I'm not sure if I'm doing it 'right' since a lot of rooms get skipped.

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Nice timing!

Yeah, 2 minutes sounds about right. There's no "right way" to beat the game. Did you wall swim upwards at the last part of that section to the ascension area? You can do whatever. As long as you went through the wall-swimming area and the ascension area it's good, and I don't think you can skip the wall-swimming area. As long as you know that there's a whole lot of other stuff you don't "need to go through", that's fine. lol

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feels like it was made by

feels like it was made by aliens!

edit: Finished the game today. Every time you enter a new screen it just seems like absolute chaos, but with the right perspective you can parse together a way to make it through without too much trouble. I'm glad that you included frequent save points, since the game could have been super-frustrating without them. I also like the colors you used.