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Sergio and I were talking about including a new Knytt tutorial for the Babycastles expo, and I remembered this old tutorial I was tooling around with. It's called Mummenschanz, and like the acting troupe it takes its name from, it tries to convey its message through a minimum of words. I'm not sure if I totally succeeded at it, but here it is anyway! (With music by Kinetic Law.)

Update: Now with minor improvements, thanks to Sergio.

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000000bestknyttauthor - bestknyttgame


This level speaks for itself, though I will mention that it's rather challenging. Not impossible, just difficult. It starts out as a sort of puzzle.

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What is google adwords and which is top ppc agencies?


Google Adwords is a method adopted by any online businessman for managing his or her Google Adwords marketing campaigns.

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Floral Roots


Usually I worry about going on and on in these descriptions, but in this case I have the opposite problem.

I spent some free time making this, and it was nice. Level editors are fun.

It's pretty frustrating to play, because most of the difficulty comes from the fact that the checkpoints are just slightly too far apart to be comfortable.
There's a part where you have to rely on luck just after a part with a painfully precise jump.

It's pretty short, there's like 7ish gameplay screens.

Have fun.

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9 Boring Levels


Based off classic Shakespearean literature, ncrecc presents to you, a boring level, actually 9 of them but they're short and intentionally boring, tell me if you find any bad stuff like SGEs or wallswims or such, inspired by this thing.

2/1/18: Some dialogue is better now. Fixed a minor voidscreen.
2/8/18: WaDF song now properly loops. Fixed a nagging warp issue. Fixed a minor inconsistency with the grass in The Vendor's Key.
2/24/18: This gets rid of a particular flag warp that doesn't do anything helpful.

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Cursed Gallery - Last Area


A proposal for the last area in the Cursed Gallery KS collab level. It's about 38 screens long at this time (not counting duplicate rooms).

* The current segment ends at x1036y1005.

* x1027y1006 can only be accessed with the Eye and either the Double Jump (currently not placed anywhere) or the high jump. This room could be used as a secret or easter egg. x1034y1011 (requires the Double Jump) can also be used for a similar purpose.

Feel free to contribute in any way, either by posting a comment here (I'll try to update the first post with any links/attachments) or by importing this into the full level and editing it there (screens don't need to be relocated and there aren't any new COs, so it should be fairly simple to compile). Also, any feedback will be appreciated.

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The Cursed Gallery - A Glorious Trainwrecks Knytt Stories+ Collaboration


A Knytt Stories+ level by:

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super security protocol


Oh no GLorious Trainwrekcs is under a ddos threat! Hide your smartwatches kids! Will Juni be able to ward off the hacker?????? in this Knytt Stories level?

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Knytt Stories - Floating Island Park


My chunk of Knyttiness for the collab. Not super inspired and I'm not super happy with it, That's where I am right now. Might have more time to revisit it in the near future. The music turned out good though I think.

Rooms: ~105 unique rooms (not counting empty sky rooms and stuff)
Starting Powers: Run, High Jump
Acquired Powers: Climb, Ghost Eye
Artifacts: blue artifacts 3 to 5, inclusive

Uses 2 tilesets by Davide "Imaddo" Lumacowic

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