Glorious Trainwrecks X Babycastles Advergame Adverjam

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Fri, Mar 16 2018 06:01 AM
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The Babycastles event is coming up fast, so spend a few hours this weekend making some interactive posters to help spread the word!

Info you might want to include

March 29 to April 18
Babycastles. 145 W 14th St., New York, NY 10011
Opening party:
March 29, 6PM to 11PM
Web links:
Event on Facebook:
Event on Withfriends:

Places you can plonk them:

Takes HTML5,


They have a few rules that might get you in trouble, and a lot of supervision :(
  • Your submission must not simply be an ad for your site.
  • Your submission must not be shovelware made to serve ads or promote your site. If you didn't take personal pride and care in the creation of the content, leave it off NG..
Games can be SWF or HTML5


Also has rules aainst advertising, html5, swf, silverlight (lol), java


Lots of things can spit out HTML5 these days, for example:
  • Clickteam stuff if you have the right plug-ins. You can always ask someone else to export your game for you too
  • Construct
  • Game Maker Studio, I assume with the same caveat as Clickteam
  • Unity
  • Bitsy
  • Flickgame
  • Godot
  • ...and a bunch more

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Games made for Glorious Trainwrecks X Babycastles Advergame Adverjam


I can export to HTML5

If you have a Clickteam game and cannot export to HTML5, send me a message and we can coordinate.

Some Ideas

I hope to be chipping away at some or all of these ridiculous ideas for the AdverJam... Working on using as much Clickteam clip art and game assets as possible. Personally, I am mildly obsessed with the idea of creating content for this jam!

All content inspired by the Creative Idea Generator:

PERSONAL SPACE INVADER: People are coming too close to you. Shoot with a ball or something to bounce them away. Explosions generated with impacts destroy background images, which reveal the advergame message underneath.

BABY EINSTEIN'S FLOATING CASTLE: horizontal shootemup where player flies a castle and babies are the bullets. Blow up toys or something? End boss is a what...?

LUXURY WIENER CART: Like "Tapper" but with hot dogs. Create hot dogs and push the bus drivers out the door. Success means all the tourists make it to the BabyCastles exhibit. Failure means a bus runs you over.

PASS BLOCKER: Physics engine. Use your mouse to click on footballs flying through the air. Eventually a timer goes off, and a ball will bounce towards the other side of the screen when blocked, and display advertisement.

INTERACTIVE LAUNDRY MACHINE DX: Rotate mouse around a washing machine to move the water inside and clean the clothes. Earn points for state of cleanliness of withdrawn clothing. Eventually a piece of laundry comes out and it has the notice displayed on it. Or maybe there's a clothes line that displays all the clean clothes, and the message is spelled out on it.

SMALLPOX ARMY HOSPITAL: Abraham Lincoln's troops are all sick with the smallpox! Drive your military jeep around the compound to pick up patients from the different tents, and drop them off at the hospital for shots. Inspired by true events and historical accounts.

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Puzzlescript game. There are

Puzzlescript game. There are babies in the level, and there are also castles. They can all be pushed, sokoban-style. All babies have to be in castles to progress to the next level. You can only push a baby into a castle if you push it through the castle "opening". I may or may not make this, feel free to steal the idea