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This level speaks for itself, though I will mention that it's rather challenging. Not impossible, just difficult. It starts out as a sort of puzzle.

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An event


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i havent played any of these

i havent played any of these last three games cause i don't have knytt stories but i enjoyed the titles

Can Video Game Titles be Video Games???

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I managed to beat this

I managed to beat this legitimately, using what I think is the intended method. It sure was hard, though, and I had to do the whole thing again when I used the save point at x1000y999 / x8y6, which locked me out of the correct path. Still, it was a pretty creative and clever challenge!

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I love how intentionally

I love how intentionally everything is designed.
The pile of random garbage becomes a well built puzzle in the right light.
I really gotta do something with lazers.