Knytt of the Month* Klub #13

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Fri, Jan 22 2021 12:00 AM
01/22/2021 - 00:00
01/25/2021 - 23:59

Look! It's the lucky 13th appearance of Knytt of the Month* Klub, a non-monthly event where we get together (over the internet) and make stuff. You could make a flickgame! You could make a zine! You could make a level for the obscure game development toy Platformajigger!

But, probably you should make a level for Knytt Stories. Especially because there's a level making competition on now over at Nifflas' Support Forums!

These are the rules that Purple Ink wrote:

Must contain no more than 50 screens
Must involve the nighttime in some way
Must work with vanilla Knytt Stories*

Deadline: Febraury 1, 2021

Winners: The winner will be determined by votes. In the event of a tie, I will cast the deciding vote.

Prize: Steam key for Chucklefish's game Wargroove

*Custom assets are allowed. This just means it can't use things exclusive to any mods.

Purple Ink is also holding an "Epic" level contest to counterbalance this "Un-epic" one... but you can probably worry about whether you want to make something for that later. And obviously, you don't have to submit a level to either of these if you'd rather just make something to post here! The important thing is to have fun. Non-fun-havers will be penalised. Have fun!

Games made for Knytt of the Month* Klub #13


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i'll maybe join

i'll maybe join

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[11:00 AM] ncrecc: hm...

[11:00 AM] ncrecc: hm... ain't no rule against making two levels for the contest

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My 1st level still needs

My 1st level still needs some final touches, so I might be late to start on this.

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Good news: by polishing an

Good news: by polishing an existing Knytt Stories level, you're already participating in the jam!

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I'm putting together a

I'm putting together a little something for this! It'll probably take me an extra week to finish, though.

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I need about four more

I need about four more months. Can you extend the deadline?

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Deadlines on Glorious

Deadlines on Glorious Trainwrecks are something of an illusion, as the site never prevents you from submitting to an event no matter how long ago it ended. I probably won't officially extend this (especially since it claims to be "of the month" and has vague ties to a contest ending shortly) but you're welcome to submit something in four months!