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Hat Game


You can try on all of my hats!! Wow!

i've never made a game before, but i was really inspired by all the people on this website who make short little games all the time, and i was like, wow, i could totally do that too. i hope its ok for me to just post this here. also, i don't know if this will work for you. it works for me in chrome.

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Tiny Cave *Deluxe Edition*

tiny cave cover.jpg

I started writing this before the finale but didn't get a chance to finish until like 5 hours after. Geez I'm slow. Anyway this is a quasi-remake of my old game, Tiny Cave. They don't have that much in common, though, they're only very similar in one branch. It's an Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2 situation. Anyway, it's got jokes, Gravity Falls references, and a very odd cameo appearance by a famous classic author, so try it out!

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leave it untitled


in this game, you must explore a three screened game based on a nightmare i once had.

full description :
"I once had a nightmare that looked pretty much like this. Pearl from Steven Universe was throwing snot at me, and I wanted to sleep. I was also in a small, wooden like cabin in this little dream.

It’ s probably a thing I transcribed into a game. or a game transcribed into a thing."

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Xmas Turbo Street Fighter 19A6 (for ghettoshamrock)


in the future of the past the uploaded consciousnesses of two long-dead world warriors fight for processor cycles inside some sort of christmas computer program???

arrow keys to move
wasd to aim
space to attack

updated to (hopefully) make things quicker and more challenging. my inclination is to keep tweaking this forever. (i hope you enjoy!)

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Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 2.45.18 AM (2).png

“Takes me back with you to passionate desert scenes
And it’s there we’ll stay
Till the very day
We find out what Pachalafaka means!”

Pachalafaka (Irving Taylor, 1958)

Pachalafaka is a world, ending in songs. Each song has a different meaning but this world always ends. Entirely drawn by hand, with ink and watercolors, Pachalafaka is a series of game poems, prototypes between comic books and games.

The first episode, “I never thought I would lose”, is based on the song “Stardust”, by Hoagy Carmichael and Mitchell Parish. The game poem was developped for the LA Game Space as part of they launching game mixtape.

Thank you for playing !

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You are a Blob! (a SoftSoft Twine game)

This year I decided to enter Ectocomp, a yearly Halloween competition hosted by someone in the IF community (yes, I know this overlaps with the IF Comp, I dunno either). You can read more about it here. I downloaded Twine and everything just for it too.

You are a Blob actually wasn't my first game idea (a choice-based adaption of "Jacked Up Jack-o-Lantern" from the Regular Show Trilogy of Terror 3), but an eight-year-old was getting cold feet about entering, so I vowed to make a game so crappy it would make everyone else's game shine like gold! Which turned out to be no small feat, because everyone and their mother entered a game (or two) this year, for a grand total of 24 entries. But I think I gave it a good run.

If you like this game, please consider downloading (and judging!) the whole set. You can play most of these games through an interpreter like Gargoyle.

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convoy no nazo 2


hi i'm not dead
this is some thing I did like a year and a half ago
press shift to jump and z to shoot

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