The glass tunnel (for Kate B)

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A calm, short fish tank game. Made for Kate B, who had this wishlist during the Santa in Spring event:
- surrealism and bizarreness
- collectables
- the supernatural...
Hope you enjoy! :)

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I love the varying colours

I love the varying colours and how it gives a sense of trespassing into the unknown. Also digging has a very good feel to it where you mash the key to dig down. I like the sense of increasing mystery, and the new tanks slowly appearing from offscreen. Also it's fun to cronch on the fish food

also the VFX like the big crunchy particles when you dig, and the fishtanks sliding off from the side of the screen. It was a real "how does that effect work?" moment

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Woooooaah I love how,

I love how, despite the core mechanical loop not changing (eat and dig), the changes in how the scenario is presented (primarily through the camera) are still able to carry the whole experience. Super cool.

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the description has "calm" in it but i found it to be unsettling? the drone and the mysterious tanks were kinda creepy.

and that's a compliment, i loved this so much!! it's rare when games this short make me feel something intense so quickly.