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Gaze Surp

gaze surp.png

NOTE: this is not a game, it is audio only!

I (Ruffty) and Nikki were editing music for our current game jam entry, and ended up making process music out of a loop we were trying to shorten. imagine that!! rather than put in the effort to determine the loop point of the piece if we tried repeating the components forever, we made a little clickteam engine that plays it FOR YOU, in a much smaller file size.

Once you run it, the only things you can do are pressing Escape to quit, or T to show the (very glitchy) timing offset calculation. It's hidden by default because it is so glitchy. Also you can't hide it again- consequences of yer actions? Finally, the initial timing offset is subject to a very small variation because Clickteam cannot be infinitely precise, unfortunately.

I think it sounds really cool around 3 minutes in!

Audio - 'Geyser' midi from "Sky Monday", by Richard Gale
Audio Editing - Ruffty & Nikki
Font - Pixel Unicode, by Iván Coello

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Occult Spreadsheet Synthesizer (for quasiotter)


A spooky but also klikmas-y tabletop synthesizer. Create noise-scapes and ghostly-janky melodies by inscribing occult insignias into an ancient device once referred to as a "spreadsheet".

See the page for additional instructions and tips!

Made for the Glorious Trainwrecks Klikmas event 2021.
For quasiotter! I hope you enjoy!

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Teenage Fantasy

E68gQr (2).png

plug chips into slots to unlock videos
use your spotify app on your smartphone to scan codes & listen to music. if you don't have spotify premium, you will get an algorithm-generated playlist with the song. if you have premium, you will just get one song.

hope you enjoy

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Screenshot 2020-11-21 at 3.25.32 PM.png

The song is Ego by Burial, Four Tet, Thom Yorke

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New Jersey Transit


here is a game about trains
inspired by these other train games
games in this train simulation meme

i started working on it some time in october after jake's came out but it has been inspired by all of these

also sorta inspired by airplane mode

this is a game you are supposed to enact for others. like, i would show this to people and play the instruments and tell a story, i mean, you can do whatever you want with this i'm not going to stop you or i could stop you i could swat you but, that's not my style, my style is different than that style okay okay, thank you for playing the game or at least reading this okay thanks sincerely, the train

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Pointy Hazards


Phew, I made it! This is a song i made inspired by the Soundtrack.
Enjoy, and happy VVVVVV 10th anniversary. :)

Shadetrap (@Lumitrap)
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February 2015


Update: 21 April - I think this Mac build works. If you want to see the reference pictures of Taylor that the game is based on, you should download in addition, the PC build. Please tell me if this keeps happening!

Sequel to January 2015 and October 2015. Originally made in 2015, however, the flash drive it was stored on was corrupted, so I re-made a lot of what was there.

Loosely based on embellishments about the singer Taylor Swift's life during February 2015 and conspiracy theories about her on 4chan and real world events. Included is a folder with pictures I found on the internet related to each day in February of 2015 that I found in 2015. To limit the file size, I took some screen shots of videos I saved.

There is nazi symbolism in the game, but to be clear, I am not in support of fascism.

[Up, Down, Left, Right] - moves character
[Control] - interact with doors, people, and other objects
[>] - go to the next day
[<] - go to the previous day
[P] - password enter
(enter "Feb" and date
number to go to different
days, ex. Feb25, or Feb9)

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musical hors d'oeuvre

musical hors d'oeuvre.png

Drag and drop modular delectables.

Arrange a nice platter for your guests.

The Linux build is the html file.
Some of the sounds are from:

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Untitled (Whistler)


Untitled / Whistler

Attempt at putting ineffable feelings into form. Asset and code flip unity work.
Recreation / remix of one of the rooms with a mirror, the name I forget.
Feeling spiritually messed, rather not say; Can't say much about its' mystic experiences.

WASD - Movement
Mouse - Look
Esc - Unlock Mouse

Remix of first section of Whistler by Unlimited Bandwidth

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Fish Barn


Here is an actual barn on College Hill Road in College Hill, Kentucky that you can pack full of fish. The fish seem pretty happy to go into the barn, and they make fun, randomly generated sounds when they enter the door!

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