Wrath of the T Wrecks

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an album i made for Glorious Tunewrecks over the course of the event. the track order is loosely based on the order in which the songs were made.

01 tunewreck 1 [1:24]
02 legday [1:19]
03 hub (Versions for Versions) [0:58]
04 tunewreck 2 [1:21]
05 knpwave [3:20]
06 intermission [1:16]
07 t7 [1:32]
08 NewNoise [1:42]
09 afraid [1:42]
10 hub (Fond but Not in Dub) [1:01]
11 danny [1:51]
12 dannyloses [1:43]
13 hubris [2:02]

download includes mp3 versions and mod versions in case you want to play them back in a tracker (or pry the samples). there are also a few outtakes in the mod folder since .mod is such a tiny format.

flac versions coming to bandcamp maybe eventually and by eventually i mean now. shouldnt support the union-buster website but this is a free download so they can't get a cut off shit.

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