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Super Desert Golfio Bros

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An homage to desert golfing.

A 2-player bizarro twins remake combining Desert Golfing with Super Mario sludge.

LEFT PLAYER/MARIO: WASD. W and S to increase/decrease power of your stroke. A and D to hit left or right.

RIGHT PLAYER/LUIGIZ Arrow Keys. Up and Down to increase/decrease power of your stroke. Left and Right to hit it those directions.

Space and Enter don't do anything. First to hit the yellow hole and trigger it to yell "winner" is the winner.

That's it. Glitttchhhh. Play over n over.

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For the Flappy Jam http://itch.io/jam/flappyjam I revived my Atari 2600 game JoustPong / FlapPing: Pong with a Flap Button. I even did an acoustic cover of the theme song with my tuba.

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An event

Pixel Jam



A, fast, fun Pixelized shmup, that advances you in z-levels when you kill enough enemies, to reveal you as a a small part of a much bigger conflict. Pixel-Perfect Sprite Explosions in real time, endless waves, and auto-upgrading weapons!

Made in 48 hours for a local game jam.

Matt Trobbiani
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An event
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