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For the Flappy Jam http://itch.io/jam/flappyjam I revived my Atari 2600 game JoustPong / FlapPing: Pong with a Flap Button. I even did an acoustic cover of the theme song with my tuba.

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An event


Umm, yeah, this has a good flow to it.

Hey, I saw it here, clicked on it, played it. I like the tubas. It's all about the tubas and it's hard to understand without it, but you could anyway. You could do that. I have little idea waht's going on even if this is one of the older concepts, I like the sound effects, I played it twice, will click favorites and recommend everyone else to check it out as it's multiplatformy kinda i think.

Way good joob. For skeptics, don't dodge it cuz it has flappy bird on it, it's something different and worth a check. WOO GO TO GO