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2720: The Last Mouse On Earth (For Petra)


Happy Klikmas, Petra! I hope you enjoy your gift.

2720: The Last Mouse On Earth.
You are the little green Mouse character. You are exploring the world, and will eventually seek out a new friend. This is more like an interactive story than a game.

DROP DOWN from some platforms by holding DOWN and pressing SHIFT.
Hold the ESC key to return to the title screen from any point in the game.

Any questions? Find any bugs? Please let me know as soon as convenient. Thanks!


Petra's wish-list is as follows:
For secret santa, I'd like glimpses into (an)other unfamiliar world(s)
I hope the santa who gets me can work with that and has a lovely time doing so. :3

The rest of this extra:

Things I like:
-Animals, it's hard to choose
-Anthro stuff
-Cozy & kind & nice & soft (but don't let that restrict you)
-Space things (Like, things in there. Maybe not so much stars and planets)
-but also nature
-Places that are turned inwards
-Reflection (optically and mentally)
-Colourful things
-Nice (night?) skies
-GIFs and early 3D renderings

Stuff that isn't as easy as "I like this"

-Spiders are cool but please don't add spiderwebs I have a phobia for the latter.
-Ruins that look like they could have been functioning spaces instead of just grand monumentality
-If you want to do non-happy stuff then please do sad instead of angry
-Absolutely no horror please


I also had a look at Petra's art submissions, and used the two characters shown there. The green Mouse is the main character of the game I made.

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PG Jam - Star Kid


STAR KID, a game I made for the PG Jam in about six hours.

You're Star Kid, and you're looking for space candies! Use your controller or the keyboard to play. Use the ARROW KEYS to move, and press the Z KEY to launch starbursts. As you collect the Green Candies, powerups become available. Activate them by pressing the X KEY. Go for a high score!

There are six different power-ups in the game... Have you seen them all?

  • PROTECTO-SHIELD: Stop a couple enemy projectiles and crates from damaging Star Kid.
  • TRIPLE-SHOT: Launch 3 Star Shots at once for a time, instead of just 1.
  • REPAIR BOOST: If injured, this restores Star Kid to full health!
  • STARSHOT SALVO: Provides a small score boost and a wave of Star Shots that fly from the bottom to the top of the screen. Any that make it to the top edge turn into candies.
  • RAINBOW MODE: Ridiculously-coloured and distracting visuals, but provides a great score bonus while it's in effect!
  • SCORE BONUS: Nothing special... Unless you'd like a 2,000 point bonus!


The PG Jam was hosted on Itch.io in late November. The theme was that all games entered would be family-friendly. I was thinking of my nephews (who are both gonna be 6 years old) while making this, and I figured they would like the visuals. More mature/experienced players will enjoy the powerup mechanics, skill shots, and the various ways to maximize their score.

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1hgj - Moon


My first 1 Hour Game Jam entry. Theme is "Moon."

In this game, you mash certain keyboard buttons to transform people into werewolves.

Made in Clickteam Fusion Dev. Sounds made with BFXR.

For Windows only at this point. Enjoy!

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Proof 1-3


got into an argument and then made this game

the Mac and PC versions are pretty different

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Quest for the Pixel Princess XIV


Part 14 of the epic medieval saga about Galad the Golden Knight, set on a quest to rescue the Pink Pixel Princess from the clutches of the evil Red Guard. In this episode, the princess was taken deep into the Red's Keep. Luckily, Fourteen Cobalt Companions have come to your aid! Open doors. Cross the castle. Use the magic items to your advantage. Battle the guards. Rescue the princess. Avoid stingy swords. Survive horrible medieval music!

Controls: keyboard arrows or WASD. SPACE to lead your companions into attack. X to use a magic spell.

Requirements: Windows XP or 7, DirectX (at least 9?), .NET, 1024x768 or higher resolution.

Background story: made for "the event-formerly-known-as-14". There's also a part 1 in existence. The other parts are still to be made as prequels. Medieval resolution. Oh, and it's uploaded on the 14th! How symbolic.

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Quest for the Pixel Princess


You, the Golden Knight, must rescue the Pixel Princess from the clutches of the evil Red Guard. They have built a cunning maze to protect the princess from the grubby paws of Knights (of any color, for that matter). Will you succeed, with the help of magic Potions hidden in the maze...?

( The Red Guard's War Drums are CC BY-NC-ND 3.0, so be prepared oh valiant Knight! Lore says it was contrived by a wizard of sorts, http://producersnafu.bandcamp.com/ )

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Forever Alone


An art game brought to you by Smedis2.


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SSStop Me


This is inspired by netgrind's SSSnake series (which was made into the compilation game Snakes on a Cartesian Plane). It was also primarily inspired by the "dreams" in Run, as well as DefeatMe.

Eat the yellow squares. Eating two yellow squares will create a new snake for you to control, turning the old snake into a looping obstacle.


Arrows - direct the snake. You can wrap around the screen.
Other keys - press when you die to restart.

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Instructions: Click on the white space and press 'Enter' to BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY!!!

FFF is a voyage into new perceptions that will BLOW YOUR MIND. Play as Zemog, a one dimensional being who has gained the power, through a red pixel, to traverse dimensions and travel in height through the SECOND DIMENSION. The fun is only outpaced by the expansion of your mind. Experience TRUE ART through FFF!

The Amazing Company
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Just a glitch.


Here is a little game about a glitch. Enjoy.
Move with arrows, jump with z.

(There was going to be sound, but I hit a glitch. Ironic)

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