Let's celebrate the 9th AND 10th year anniversaries of Glorious Trainwrecks!

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Sun, Apr 24 2016 01:00 AM
04/24/2016 - 01:00
04/24/2017 - 23:00

So, today is the 9th anniversary of Glorious Trainwrecks! That's like... a bit more than twice as long as I've been here, wow?!? That's really amazing. I don't know who else has been here for 9 years in a row other than SpindleyQ, but even then like. Congratulations!! On such a successful enterprise. I haven't done anything for more than 9 years continuously, other than breathing.

Well, to celebrate this, I thought to myself: what if I made a year long event starting today, and ending on the 10th anniversary? "Perfect!" - my reaction. 9 years is very impressive, but the only thing more impressive (that isn't 11) is 10: its' the first double digit, and it's a nice round number, and also it's 10! For some reason numbers like that sound nice.

I don't want to throw out celebrating the 9th anniversary either, so this event will combine both. Want to celebrate the 9th anniversary now? You can do that! Want to plan ahead for the 10th anniversary? This will help you do that! Want to celebrate the 10th anniversary now? You can do that too, I guess? Want to celebrate the 9th anniversary in a year? I'm not even going to make a snarky comment because I don't believe in submissions being "late"!

So here we go. I will one day submit something to this event, but for now I am too busy. Also, I recognize that the greatest event postings include many amusing gifs and regular images, but I do not have the time to gather suitable ones up. I will gladly take suggestions in the comments. Also SpindleyQ, feel free to edit this post to put some in!!

Haaaappy birthday everybody!

Games made for Let's celebrate the 9th AND 10th year anniversaries of Glorious Trainwrecks!



Currently plumbing the depths of the KnP sprite libraries to finish another retro arcade epic: SpideRain! Race your bicycle through the streets, dodging or splatting spiders that fall from the angry clouds above, using your dynamite and flaming arrows. Can you make it safely home before the SpideRain finishes you off?

A let-off studios joint, dropping April 2017. STAY TUNED...

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Reminder that the 10th anniversary of Glorious Trainwrecks happens in like a week!

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oh holy shit really??? oh

oh holy shit really??? oh jeez oh jeeeeeez where does the time go

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oh my god I made this event and I totally forgot AND I HAVEN'T EVEN SUBMITTED ANYTHING!! AAA

[edit: I'm aware I made Spiko 2016 demo for the event but that was a simple joke and I meant to follow it up in time before the event ended...]