Island Survival Simulation 2017

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I was messing around in Unity and a game came out?!?!!? It's pretty short and goofy and is not really a simulation?!??!!

Move with WASD and mouse! If you see a letter, move close, look at it and click it!

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this game makes a really

this game makes a really nice ambience. the unsettling models and visual effects make it seem kind of scary, but the chill music and ocean waves and the friendly skeleton dialog lines made me feel right at home. it made leaving a little bittersweet! I especially liked the moment when a skeleton tells you how it likes to jump off the island and make its bones rattle, and when you jump off it makes a little bone rattling sfx. just a nice little bit of continuity between parts of the island.

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I dig it! Being able to jump

I dig it! Being able to jump inside the helicopter looked pretty cool. I'm gonna strive to populate the 'cordial skeletons' tag.

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I wouldn't mind staying on

I wouldn't mind staying on this island forever! And the music choice is just perfect, I would be glad to know what song is playing - it sounds Japanese, but I don't recognize the artist...

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Thanks! The song is called

Thanks! The song is called Walkin' In The Rain by 今井麻起子. I found it on YouTube a while back, but can't seem to track it down again unfortunately :(

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Thanks for the information!

Thanks for the information!

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Babycastles Version

For some reason I can't edit this entry anymore, including uploading a new version of the game. So, the Babycastles version (w/ ESC for quit) is available at: