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Freeway 2


Freeway 2's Chicken wants to know how you're doing, she says "cluck", which means "hey" in chicken!

But what is Freeway 2? Freeway 2 is the greatest Corel Click & Create game yet! It's a parody of Activision's Freeway in Real 3D!
But how is this possible? Isn't Click & Create 2D only?
That's what I used to think too, until I found Syntesis Entertainment's Klik OpenGL X extension, adding real 3D to Click & Create!

Now, for the star of the show:
Freeway 2!

Freeway 2 is a simple game, you play as a little chicken and you cross the road multiple times to stack up points! Each time you touch the sidewalk, you score a point, but don't you let one of those cars touch you, as that would tragically end multiple lives in an explosion!

Simple in concept, endless replay value! and if you don't want the gameplay being brought to a halt whenever you die, while in game, go to the menu bar and select Options, then click on Mode 2.

Does crossing a Freeway sound like fun to you? Does being a chicken sound like fun to you? How about this, does DYING IN AN EXPLOSION SOUND LIKE FUN TO YOU?

If any of the first two questions sound like fun to you,
download Freeway 2 right now!

If the last question sounds like fun to you,
seek help now!

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Island Survival Simulation 2017


I was messing around in Unity and a game came out?!?!!? It's pretty short and goofy and is not really a simulation?!??!!

Move with WASD and mouse! If you see a letter, move close, look at it and click it!

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CyberMountain: Mole Missions: Chapter One: ENTRY LEVEL REPORT


A limp glimp' into the Post TV Vaccum Schizoid Limited Time Space. Open the eyes. Additional missions are "In The Mail."
This is a techemo introduction to a world and author momentum tipper. Getting a grip, getting life back.

Arrow Keys and eventually the Mouse are used.

"I had a few space hours to let creativity wander and craft a stream of thought into a few playable things."

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Figure Skating Phone Dialer TECH PREVIEW


A tech preview of DIGITAL: A Love Story On Ice! Dial the phone number to your favourite BBS through the medium of interpretive dance! Then, absolutely nothing happens!

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