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Island Survival Simulation 2017


I was messing around in Unity and a game came out?!?!!? It's pretty short and goofy and is not really a simulation?!??!!

Move with WASD and mouse! If you see a letter, move close, look at it and click it!

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CyberMountain: Mole Missions: Chapter One: ENTRY LEVEL REPORT


A limp glimp' into the Post TV Vaccum Schizoid Limited Time Space. Open the eyes. Additional missions are "In The Mail."
This is a techemo introduction to a world and author momentum tipper. Getting a grip, getting life back.

Arrow Keys and eventually the Mouse are used.

"I had a few space hours to let creativity wander and craft a stream of thought into a few playable things."

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Figure Skating Phone Dialer TECH PREVIEW


A tech preview of DIGITAL: A Love Story On Ice! Dial the phone number to your favourite BBS through the medium of interpretive dance! Then, absolutely nothing happens!

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