CyberMountain: Mole Missions: Chapter One: ENTRY LEVEL REPORT

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A limp glimp' into the Post TV Vaccum Schizoid Limited Time Space. Open the eyes. Additional missions are "In The Mail."
This is a techemo introduction to a world and author momentum tipper. Getting a grip, getting life back.

Arrow Keys and eventually the Mouse are used.

"I had a few space hours to let creativity wander and craft a stream of thought into a few playable things."

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Press Enter to continue

The title screen is the best.

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Yeah. I knew from that title

Yeah. I knew from that title sequence that I would like this.

I always quite like it when a game is keyboard controlled, but you have to use the mouse just at the end, as a closing gesture. The opposite, I guess, where the mouse is required to start (click here to start) but it not used otherwise always seems sloppy though. Maybe I just associate it with Newgrounds shovelware.


It makes sense since it's flash and you should need to click the window for focus, otherwise even seasoned swf people can get lost thinking their keys are registering. I like how clickteam products give you a nice big tacky html file that requests you to click in the window to set focus.

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Oh right. That is actually

Oh right. That is actually sensible design :(

exciting magic mountain game.

exciting magic mountain game.

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I'm very tired

after working all day. And I just played this three times. And now I must sleep. And I think I might dream this over and over all night. And I think I'm okay with that. Please keep making things.

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I look forward to future

I look forward to future Mole Missions !!