The Fruit King


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Clyde and I were trying to

Clyde and I were trying to figure this out on twitter. Here's how I think it works:

You need to fertilize the egg in the center. To do this, you need three colored lizard sperms following you and a bunch of worms on the screen.

So first, turn into the red worm and spit out a bunch of babies.

Then, turn into a wasp and get the lizard to jizz at you, then guide the jizz towards the central orb so it turns a color. Then, die and quickly go to the banana so you turn into the lady bug.

When you're the lady bug, the colored sperm goes toward the numbered circles near the middle. When all three are fertilized, you can press i in the central orb.

This where the worms come in. If you've got a bunch of worms on the screen, you can press i a second time and make an egg appear.

The lizard will try to attack the egg. Fucking piece of shit lizard. It's really tough, but you can lock him into a corner while the egg is fertilized by the fruit. Then, when the egg hatches a bunch of weird shit happens. I can't figure out what happens after that, because I only managed to get the egg hatch once.

Anyway, good game. It functions like a puzzle video game in that it has a bunch of discreet parts which operate in predictable ways, and the player needs to discover how those parts interact. But nothing operates according to video game conventions, for instance there doesn't seem to be a logical reason that the lizard would shoot sperm only at flying insects, or that an apple would turn you into a worm that shoots ghost worms. So it becomes a process of trying to wrap your head around a sort of alien logic that feels like it doesn't want to be understood.

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My new tactic is to get the

My new tactic is to get the lizard to max out its on-screen pink sperm and then evade it until it clusters into one gob. Then I lead it all through the center on the way to the banana. If any pink sperm misses the center, I won't be able to make it to the grapes.
I've protected my fertilized egg once, but I have no idea what to do after that.
Also of note, the grape seems to make the wasp slower.
Also, also, after successfully laying an egg, the center is blue and it's easier to get the pink worm to the banana, but I don't know if there will ever be enough sperm on-screen for another immediate successful fertilization.

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We must be doing something

We must be doing something differently. I've only been using the pink worm at the beginning of the game to spray a bunch of worms all over the place. Then I turn into a wasp and get the colored sperm. One of the wasps dies when it gets touched by regular sperm, so I just get killed and quickly make my way to the banana before the colored sperm leaves the screen.

I've noticed that the spider will lay eggs if it is touched by certain colors of sperm? And there's another bug that can shoot things at the lizard when you press 'i'. I have no idea what those things are for right now, though.

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I wouldn't be surprised if

I wouldn't be surprised if my method makes things more difficult. I think I'll probably record a Let's Play tomorrow. It'll be fun and we can compare notes easier.

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Here is 20minutes of me

Here is 20minutes of me trying to lay an egg and incubate it.

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LOLOLOL Going, forward we

LOLOLOL Going, forward we definitiely need you to Let's Play every game on here!

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I watched this around the time you posted it

And I tried really hard to beat the lizard but god damn... it's not easy. This game, despite being impenetrable and hostile to the player, is strangely addicting.

Anyway, the first time I hatched the egg was a complete accident. There is no way that I could have defended the egg by accident given how difficult it is and how long it takes. So I'm guessing that there's a secret way of doing it. I think we should look for that because that FUCKING LIZARD.

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I'm sorry I took 2.5 years

I'm sorry I took 2.5 years to get to this game x-x I find it fascinating but also I am very bad at making progress in it. Looking at the other comments here, the progress of the game is equally intriguing, kinda gross, and overwhelmingly difficult for me! I was going to watch clyde's let's play of the game but the rotten fruit background he put in it grosses me out too much. I don't actually like bugs lol sorry.