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Kill the Ninjas 64


Inspired to make the game thanks to Emilie Reed's The Iron Hand in the Velvet Glove.

Thanks to Eclipse for the leaks. You can read about them here. You can read more here, or check the sources by yourself here.
If there is more relevant information that you think should be listed here feel free to tell me. 

I'll upload a sort of making of/tutorial in the near future about the game, it will be posted here. I'll also upload the whole Unity project.

Game Engine: Unity
Graphics: Paint and Gimp
Sound Effects: bfxr
Music: MIDIs generated with Guitar Pro 5 (an old pirated version, don't know where to find that lol) and MIDIs converted with GXSCC

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Bimbo Wizard

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 5.54.01 pm.png

In this short game you have gotten magic gold bimbos from the golden spider sitting in the sky at the top of the building and then you have turned yourself into a big green fellow and you are eating women in the street. The important thing is not to let a car hit your tongue while it is holding someone, because it is too heavy and it will get blown up. You move with the arrow keys and go through menus with space bar,.

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Deep Delve


DEEP DELVE: A game made within 72 hours for the Pre-Made Jam, November 2020.

You are the Sorceress, tasked with defending a frontier outpost. A newly-developed mine has breached a subterranean stronghold of hungry spiders! You rush to repel the threat... But is everything as it seems? Who are the real invaders?

There are four stages of ever-increasing intensity in DEEP DELVE. Fans of retro-style arcade action games will dig this.

Made by one person within a 72-hour window for the Pre-Made Jam, November 2020. The idea behind this game jam is that the art assets and game fonts are already there, and while you can colour them however you want, you can't create any additional art assets. The theme is announced at the start of the game jam window period. The theme for this game jam was "Deep."

The download link leads to the standalone download version (which I recommend, and this also has details on how to implement a gamepad/joystick for controls). However, there's also an HTML5 version available:

Quick Summary of game controls:

  • ARROW KEYS to move.
  • SHIFT to shoot. Hold SHIFT to autofire.
  • P to toggle game pause on/off. Works during action sequences, not narrative text.
  • R to Restart the stage or the game (when prompted).
  • C to Continue the game (when prompted).

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You Are Soft



...but not soft enough! Despite being the anthropomorphized manifestation of the very concept of Softness, these score gems are just too pointy.

You'll have to eat some cookies first. But those cookies might make you sluggish, so then you'll have to eat some other, faster cookies. Nobody can eat cookies forever, though.

The game starts in Soft Mode. Press H to start a new game in Hard Mode.

Jake Eakle
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The Pit


A fast-paced dodge-em-up where you dodge an unrelenting stream of explosive rockets! Can you survive?

NOTICE: This game is actually just a Garry's Mod save file, so you probably want gmod if you're gonna play this. If you don't have gmod but you're still interested, I can provide a pathwork for guided meditation instead.

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(update 22 April: PC version PC room slowdown bug fixed.)

1 large game, 4 small games
Content Warning (only for the first game):
self-harm, sexual harassment, graphic sexual content

produced by 000, 888, EIT, DEN, and KAS

The project files are included, so you can edit these if you'd like. If you do so, read the README.txt.

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The Mystery Of Glow-Peak (for akair)


Akair asked for:

What I want for christmas:
* Snow
* mysteries
* puzzles
* RPG and/or action adventure
* bright happy colors.

Oh you want action-adventure??? You came to the right place!!

In "The Mystery Of Glow-Peak" you play as a lady investigating the mystery of a green, glowing mountain. Fight your way through a bunch of dungeons with hand-to-hand combat! Several different weapons of varying strength! And much more!!! Oh also I tried getting some puzzles in but I seem to have ended up with platforming instead. This just happens when an experiment doesn't quite work, I guess! Hope you like platforming!!! If not, you DO NOW!!

I put health bars in this game even though I said I was swearing off them for a bit. Had to be done!!!!

There's snow! You can even step in the snow and it deforms beneath your feet.

Errr... Bright colours. This was the brightest pallette I managed to work with, given the cave setting


Arrow keys/ WASD/ left stick: Move
V/Y button: Roll
C/LB button: Action/centre camera
X/RB button: Lock-on
Z/X button: Attack
Space/A button: Jump
Enter/back button: Select weapon
Esc/start button: Pause

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1HGJ: Jumpin' Jigawatts


JUMPIN' JIGAWATTS, a game made in one hour for the One Hour Game Jam. The theme was Electricity.

You are the little jolt of volts. Hop from the light switch along the cables (blue pathways) to tag each of the lightbulbs before the time runs out!

Use the ARROW KEYS/CURSOR KEYS to move your volt.
Use the X KEY, Z KEY, or SPACEBAR to rotate the pathways.

Sometimes you'll need to travel without using the pathways, but don't do this too much or you will fizzle out!


I feel like I over-reached with this project, and it shows. The scoring system is kind of jacked-up right now for some reason but I couldn't figure it out. I think it's because I'm using the Score Object instead of a regular counter...I don't know. I'll be working on a fix soon enough.

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Spindley n' Snuggles Forever - for capt_haistings!


Happy Holidays, capt_haistings! I made a game for you.

In Phase 1, you play as Spindley Q. Wizard, and shoot colored blocks in specific patterns to create cat toys. Push them into the "Keepers" box to store them, or push them to the left to destroy them. Once the timer runs out, your energy runs dry, or you collect 10 cat toys the phase ends.
CONTROLS: Up, Down, Left, Right, SHIFT/CTRL. Gamepad buttons are BUTTON 1/BUTTON 2.

In Phase 2, you play as Snuggles, and you play with the cat toys Spindley Q. Wizard had collected in the previous phase.
CONTROLS: Up, Down, Left, Right.

Try for a high score (recorded during a single play session).

The game works with a gamepad/joystick! To enable it, press CTRL + Y, click the box next to "Joystick" for Player 1, and then click on OK.


The wish list from capt_haistings:
A game that includes a few characters and one of them is a cat/human hybrid. Also I like sounds. If there is any challenge to it hopefully it will be easy because I like to win

Game made in Clickteam Fusion Dev by let-off-studios.
Sounds made in BFXR.
Background music from (THANK YOU!) and created by let-off-studios at (THANK YOU!)
SpindleyQ as Wizard graphic by gevaudan. (THANK YOU!)
Gemstone and explosion graphics by Clickteam. (THANK YOU!)
All other graphics by let-off-studios.
Voice recordings of and by let-off-studios.
Title inspired (I guess) by the "Henry + Glenn Forever" comics. It just seemed to fit. :)

Sometimes in Phase 1, cat toys will be immovable by the player. Fortunately, there's no limit to the number of toys that can be on the screen, and although the player can't move them, other toys can push against or stack on top of them. Use them to push the untouchable object where you want them to go.

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