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BINKY IV: Return of Binky


The fourth in the award winning BINKY Series.

After seven months of development, the BINKY team have created an exciting experience.
Watch as BINKY ventures into the third dimension.
Developer interview:
developer 1: our publisher has paid for an expensive computer so that...
developer 2: so that BINKY is now in the third dimension! [laughs]
developer 1: it was a good investment

WASD - movement
Arrow Keys - movement

Update: 32 Bits Build for Windows added

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A Faster Computer


A game i created solely to make a joke on computer crashes. Top features include a wide variety of things to avoid, The glitchiest parallax scrolling on the market, a faux mode 7 perspective that causes bikes to be in midair for no reason, and a strange application of prime numbers to make the title screen music.

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Florida Internet Simulator 2.0


I'm at a hotel in Florida as I write this,and the internet here is godawful.
This game sums up what happens.

Arrow Keys: Move

The best connection I get here is in the bathroom.

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Devil Disco Dancer!


Dance your way to the ending! Press 'X' to jump! Collect computers to get points! Avoid pitchforks! If your score drops below zero, you'll have to start over. The game is different EVERY TIME YOU PLAY IT.

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