Crazy Computer Competition

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Your girlfriend asks you to get rich. You heard, that computer freaks become quite rich. So you participate in a computer challenge, where competitors use their machines in battles to show, who the best is. But don't let the evolution of the newest era make your team look like dinosaurs.

This game works on Windows 95. There is a DOS version available on Doshaven and Slimesalad, too.

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Wow, my Abacus got

Wow, my Abacus got wiped!!
Very cool game. I like the soundtrack very much and appreciated the additional background info in the readme about it :)

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CCC chaos

Abacus? I bought some scrap from the scrap heap, then discovered this acts as a team combatant. I also got completely wiped!

Now trying to weaponise photocopiers, brb.

N.B. thankyou for the instructions in the readme, indeed the game crashes on Wine/Linux if you try to run the exe. Downloaded the ohrrpgce x86_64 bin and it's working flawlessly.

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Loving the artwork and

Love the artwork and music. Each computer and person has personality.

I re-arranged my computers and ended up replacing my main character with a giant CRT in the overworld xD It just slides around everywhere and talks to people.

Not sure how to escape the test combat with Dr. Rev. Maj. Sir., I feel softlocked. Might be a button I'm not trying.

Photocopiers Phite Back

Yeah, "Paper Storm" seems pretty useful for softening up groups of three opponents. I have two XOX machines right now and I'm a happy customer. They definitely mopped the floor with the previous boss.

Chipping my way through this game myself, and I think I'm at the third stage of history. I appreciate the depiction of obsolescence and "product improvements" as a literal battle waged over the many years of software development history.