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66 and 6/6ths


better late than never!

from the suggestions of:
loud music
sexy times
fun futurism

I think I did all of them
fun is a bit objective!

for anothergod

tried to make something that feels like you're actually using magic to some extent
tell me what you think!

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Mario In The Future


I am tired but EffBee is more tired and we decided to take a half hour to MAKE ANOTHER GAME because it is LATE and we CAN

This game is about jumping in mid-air! In many other games you can double jump but in this game you can SEXTUPLE JUMP (six times)! This is what the future will hold.

This game features:

  1. mario
  2. the future
  3. sextuple jump
  4. level design
  5. bricks

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Get ready for the most high tech game to ever go on anything ever. Its also the most fun game to go on anything ever and the most best game and also everything.

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Pirate Kart 2
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