Contamninated Skies

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This is an early prototype of an open world exploration game, where you fly around in airship visiting landmarks and collecting parts to upgrade the craft.

Please read manual for information on how to play. (See attachment below)

(This project is far from complete and will likely have some bugs, just rushed to upload something before the jam deadline)

Main game page:

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Windows version:

This is a Sekret Santa 2020 gift for Petra. The character in the game is designed by Petra.

Petra likes
and furries
and cozy stuff
and puns.

Explore and fly around this world. The world is small yet vast. You will find various items in the world, what will they do? If it is running slowly, try the Windows version. I hope everyone has fun in this game.

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Flyin Wif Fweinds

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 5.26.13 PM.png

Fly with your friends around a neon colored island in the middle of some kind of void. The other planes try to follow you and maybe if you slow up they'll catch up.

This is the first game I've released in some months.


W - add thrust
S - Remove Thrust

Mouse Up/down - Pitch up/down
Mouse left/right - Roll left/right

now with a windows build

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Flying Bird


I didn't actually know there was a "Flappy Jam" going on until after I finished this...

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Terror Duck


Arrows + X
Fly through randomly generated blocks and avoid missiles and robots. Also fire missiles out of your mouth.
Made with haxepunk.

Took closer to a day than 2hrs sorry. Technical difficulties mostly.

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Aladdin 4 - Return to The Cave of Apples


A world of danger awaits Aladdin and Jasmine as they take one last trip to the Cave of Wonders to collect juicy apples for their wedding feast? Can they last the whole way or will they be destroyed by one of the Mad Clones of Iago? Only you can decide.

Topher Florence
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All Against One


The young Claude, King of the Sky, is ready to marry. A tournament is declared. He will pick his new queen among those few who can best him in sky combat! Rulers from all over the world are gathering. Who shall surpass his challenge?

Arrows - fly.
X - attack.

This is inspired primarily by Ciel Gris, and secondarily by a number of shmups from the past, such as: Garden of Coloured Lights, White Butterfly, Guxt, Gradius Gaiden, Nitty Gritty, ESP Ra.De., Clean Asia and G-Type. And there's some Finderseek and Super Crate Box influence as well.

I decided that, since it's often been said that my games are too hard, that the only penalty for getting hit is losing 33 points. You gain 100 points per level cleared.

There's a Windows version, but if you're on another system you can play the HTML5 port which is rendered a tad blurry on most browsers.

Leon Arnott
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Get ready for the most high tech game to ever go on anything ever. Its also the most fun game to go on anything ever and the most best game and also everything.

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Pirate Kart 2
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