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Contamninated Skies

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This is an early prototype of an open world exploration game, where you fly around in airship visiting landmarks and collecting parts to upgrade the craft.

Please read manual for information on how to play. (See attachment below)

(This project is far from complete and will likely have some bugs, just rushed to upload something before the jam deadline)

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iconic sequel to WALK AROUND LA ||| inspired by and by me (!!!), gisbrecht, and town-map respectfully!!!!!!! also might be a contender for GDC.

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An open-world deckbuilder roguelite for ZZT. ZOZ was created between July 10 and November 10 of 2022 using Weave 2 ( Created as part of Open World Jam 2022: - ZZT was created in 1991 by Tim Sweeney. Weave 2 makes use of the reconstruction-of-zzt codebase found here: and is by extension licensed under the MIT license. The game contents itself are livensed under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. For more details on this, see the bottom of this page.

Full Release

The full release of this game is playable in its entirety online, via download here at Glorious Trainwrecks or online at It is built to run on DOS machines, but an emulator is provided with the downloadable version of the game.

Hit us up in the Discord of ZZT and let WiL know if there are major issues.

Mean Girls Games

This is a Mean Girls Games release. Go check out our other stuff at!


Music, Art, Gameplay, Etc. by WiL

The Green Herring - beatscribe

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CC-BY-SA 4.0

This game is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.

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Build your Home


This description was originally intended for ludum dare audiences. It is hosted here for completeness and for because I don't have a file host.

A tribute to juliette's destroy your home. Join the community over at

The game:
in this game you have a lot of bricks and a slingshot and an empty field. you must use your expert slingshot skills to build a home for you to live in. click to equip the brick, click again to launch the brick, and once a brick has landed you can click again to equip a new brick. When the bricks go vertically off the screen, the vertical coordinate is negative. That's because this is a "vi deo game".

On Windows, you have to click start.bat in order to start the game.
On Linux, you need to run the executable yourHome.
If you're running from source, use either python 2 or 3, the game has been tested on both.

Also there's no sound in this game, I know.

The development:
I started making this game 24 hours before the deadline so it's more of a tech demo than anything. I can make games very quickly usually, but I had problems with compiling this time because of an obscure bug.
Note to pygame developers: the documentation says you can use None in a font object and the game will just use a default font. This causes issues with pyInstaller and pyg and gives all sorts of weird undiagnosable bugs. Just bundle a font with your game and call it a day.

Other notes: it turns out building a projectile motion engine is not easy. I got lost in negative signs and trig functions for a while. Probably my code is not a good reference if you want to build your own.

Assets and Credits:
I made the slingshot and the brick using openscad, and you can find my openscad files bundled into the game directory for your convenience. Openscad really clicks with me as a way to make 3d models without remembering a million keyboard shortcuts.

The background is an image by Scott Webb from that I ran a lot of Gnu IMP filters on. The license for the image says I don't have to do any attribution but I figure I might as well mention that it's not mine.

FreeSansBold is a part of the GNU Freefont project. If my use of it makes my work licensed under the GPL, then it is. If my use of it does not make my work licensed under the GPL, then it isn't licensed under the GPL. Here's a link for that, in case I have to put a link somewhere:

Pygame is a library by which I can make games in python. The way it's structured makes a lot of sense to me but does make developing in it a bit harder. To see what I mean, my source code is in every download as "".

pyg.exe is this magic file where I can use it to run python on windows without making anyone install anything or using pyInstaller. It's made by Radomir Dopieralski and I really want to shake this guy's hand in person for saving me hours of my life. This magic spell and pygame itself is licensed under the LGPL, so maybe that applies too?
Licensing is a nightmare.

Fotocopiadora helped me test this game and makes really cool games like mouse sector. Find them at @cometbook on twitter and on glorious trainwrecks.

I made this game. You can find me everywhere as thecakeflavor or other names like that.
through this link you can find other video games I made. Some of them took me even less time to make than this game! (But a lot of them took me significantly longer amounts of time)

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