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Spike the Soup

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This game is a little buggy and broken but for once I'm actually pleased with the experience as a whole. Just a dumb comedy game about a lady assassin poisoning some soup.

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A short game, two or three minutes long, about mountains and idealisations. Mostly mountains.

The Matterhorn model is by jawensi, and Licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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Vertical Void


Explore an endless cave-system, and try not to hit any walls – how long can you make it?

- Immersive in-your-head ego-controls!
- Automatic procedural awesome level-generation!
- Highscores! To see how well/horribly you performed!
- Glowy stuff!

Feel free to check my other stuff over at


Matthias Zarzecki
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An event

Man Dog Macree


I made this game.

I love western guns and heros!

Howdy, Stranger!!!

Devin Wilson
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Hide and Go Seek


A game for two players where one player has to find the other and then vice-versa.

This game has Facebook integration in that you can play this game and then post about how cool it is on Facebook.

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Fissure of Reality


Mac and Windows executables included!

This is a first-person dungeon game. Navigate the maze using the Up key to move forward, and the Left and Right keys to turn. Your compass needle points toward north. As you approach the location of the fissure, the needle will waver. The closer you get, the more the needle will swing. When you are on top of the fissure, the needle will behave strangely. Then, press Enter to open the fissure.

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