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Trip Down the Chip Mine [for noser]


FINALLY, we found you! Someone who is willing to work honestly and dig into the old mine. But wait, this is a special mine: instead of precious metal, you are excavating computer chips

The game was made following noser's prompts for Sekret Santa 2023:
- big pixels
- limited palette
- maze
- momentum
- archeology/digging
- high-stakes climax

You tell me if I delivered on that last item.

The game is about 10-15 minutes long I think! THERE IS NO SOUND YET, I'm too tired for that so that's gonna go in a future release; it's a bring your own music and imagination kinda deal

Edit: To move, hover the arrow button and press space. No need to click on them!

Have fun, I'm happy that I can finally play other entries :)

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Tiny Cave *Deluxe Edition*

tiny cave cover.jpg

I started writing this before the finale but didn't get a chance to finish until like 5 hours after. Geez I'm slow. Anyway this is a quasi-remake of my old game, Tiny Cave. They don't have that much in common, though, they're only very similar in one branch. It's an Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2 situation. Anyway, it's got jokes, Gravity Falls references, and a very odd cameo appearance by a famous classic author, so try it out!

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Terror Cave


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Cave of the Snails


Snail cave.

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Dungeon Bro


Can you help Dungeon Bro acquire Treasure??

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Vertical Void


Explore an endless cave-system, and try not to hit any walls – how long can you make it?

- Immersive in-your-head ego-controls!
- Automatic procedural awesome level-generation!
- Highscores! To see how well/horribly you performed!
- Glowy stuff!

Feel free to check my other stuff over at


Matthias Zarzecki
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This is a brief examination of the idea that Metroid II's unique ratio of player-character size to screen size is the key to its sinister, ominous mood.

Pilot the robot through the cavern of ceaseless horrors. Jump carefully to avoid the spikes.

Z - Jump
Left arrow - Trundle left
Right arrow - Trundle right

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Story Of the Cave Story Story


A really fiddly game that is like Thrust but plays more like Lander if it was 2D and I had played Lander before I started making this.

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Cave Shooter


Arrows: move
Shift: slow movement (but it isn't really useful in the finished game, haha)

Avoid crashing! Shoot the walls for points! Super fast cave action!

Vaguely inspired by the scoring strategy for the first stage of Zed Blade:

EDIT: Oops I fixed a bug. It was supposed to be giving points relative to the scrolling speed instead of the bullet speed, but I forgot to put global.speed instead of speed. <_> (It is floor(global.speed)*8 per scenery shot now. :awesome:)

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)
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