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Digitized zine based on comics my friend makes about his dreams, made with DADADADADADA very loosely in mind.

If you reach a page without options, it's an ending, use your browser's back button or something.

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An event

Dungeon Bro


Can you help Dungeon Bro acquire Treasure??

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An event
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Alien Zit 10,000


Alien Zit 10,000 is the hot new game from Capital World Games! Did you love The Alien Zit? Did you love The Alien Zit 2000? Of course not, they were awful! And so is this.

You are Doya, SPACE HUNTER! Shoot alien zits to increase your multipliers! Miss alien zits to decrease your multipliers! Win the game to win the game!

All graphics, sound, and music were hand-produced by me during the two-hour time limit, which is I think a first for me.

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)
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