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Outer Darkness


i was inspired by thecatamites to make a short game using mmf2 and little drawings.
this is also inspired by an obscure version of hell mentioned in the bible called "outer darkness". i imagine people who are sent there are non-religious but also not atheists, and get their own little special spot alone.

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Dark Fight


Disclaimer: Play the original Duck Fight first in order to fully appreciate this fan-made remix! If you are not intimately familiar with the mythos, mechanics and strategies of the original Duck Fight, it is unlikely you will beat or enjoy this game.

Submitted on behalf of caevstroy.

caevstroy (based on a game by A. KI)
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An event

The Hunt for The Hunt for Red October


After a busy day at the pencil inspection factory you come home to find all your light bulbs are out. But you REALLY want to watch The Hunt For Red October! So the search for your dvd begins!

Arrow keys to move, esc to quit.

Adrian Gordon
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An event

Dark Pong


"I was thirty seconds in, and I remember remarking in an IM window off to the side that this game was only 'dark' insofar as it was darkening my opinion of it. And then the power went out. Bam, instant three stars."

This is a BIT.TRIP BEAT inspired variant of Pong and/or Breakout. You have no opponent, but the ball obeys gravity and will arc down to you after you knock it upward. There's a second, subtler twist, though, so keep playing to see what it is.

Mouse to move.
Click to place the first ball.
Get the ball to a height of 100 to unlock Hard Mode.

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An event



This is a brief examination of the idea that Metroid II's unique ratio of player-character size to screen size is the key to its sinister, ominous mood.

Pilot the robot through the cavern of ceaseless horrors. Jump carefully to avoid the spikes.

Z - Jump
Left arrow - Trundle left
Right arrow - Trundle right

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An event

Delve Deep


Windows and OS X builds in the same Zip file!

Dig down... but make very sure you can still climb back out to the surface again!

Arrow keys - move
Z - jump
X - dig down, left or right

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An event

Noir Medusa


Shoot the Medusa without being seen.

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Pirate Kart 2

Detective Mystery 2: A Black Belt in Case-Closing


The second entry in the Detective Mystery series.

Get those CLUES before those pesky rival detectives get to them! You've got a robbery to solve!

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Pirate Kart 2

Aorta of Time


A quiet, dark, tense action game where time flows in an unusual manner.

Use your arrow keys to move. Press Z or space to fire.

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Pirate Kart 2
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