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Digging Simulator 2014


Are you bored?
You want to be a professional digger?
No problem! Just play this game and learn how!!

John L.
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Super Dig Site Madness


Get to the goal flag at the end of each level!

Arrows: Move
X: Jump
Z/Y: Dig

Jump up to destroy blocks!

4 levels of puzzle platforming! Could use more!

John D. Moore
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Tombed Deluxe


Coding, art and audio by Auntie Pixelante.
Extra stuff by me.

This is a quick mod in which I merged Anna's good game Tombed and my hack Tombed II into the same game, and also providing a means of making your own levels for it. There's no editor yet, but you can use Notepad for now.

The way I did this was by exporting the level data into a very basic text file format.

The first line is "1" if you want left-right wraparound, or "0" if you don't.
The second line is "1" if you want bottom spikes ("skewers"), or "0" if you don't.
The third line is the line number where, when the top half of Jane enters, Jane does a victory dance.
The fourth line is the line number where the skewers, if any, start to break up.
Then there's at most 598 lines of text that are, at most, 8 characters long. Missing lines are assumed to be blank.
Each line corresponds to a row of blocks in the tomb. Each character equals one block.

# - metal block
B - blue block
G - green block
C - cyan block
O - wild block
! - upper-left corner of checkpoint where Jane respawns. Jane is 2 blocks by 2 blocks tall. Checkpoints trigger as soon as Jane reaches their Y position.
$ - non-solid gold (as in Tombed). Doesn't obey gravity.
* - solid gold that Jane can stand on. It obeys gravity and can sit on skewers, but is destroyed by spikes.
. - solid gold only appears here if Jane respawns near here. Use this to make gold persist from checkpoint to checkpoint.
@ - the upper-left corner of the 'debug point'. Jane will start a new game here without the opening cutscene, and with the spikes and skewers lowered appropriately. She will also respawn here regardless of any checkpoints.
Anything else - emptiness.

At the 'victory' line, Jane will do a victory dance until she is made to start falling again (which can be instantly).

At the 'breakup' line, the skewers will start to stick to blocks that happen to be underneath them, causing the floor to open so that Jane can exit.

Jane wins by falling below the 598th line.

As for the game - pick the left side to play Tombed, right to play Tombed II, and middle to get an Open File dialog to play any text file. (Note: no file error checking in this version yet.)

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Delve Deep


Windows and OS X builds in the same Zip file!

Dig down... but make very sure you can still climb back out to the surface again!

Arrow keys - move
Z - jump
X - dig down, left or right

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Power Gem Digger


Join the space mining team to retrieve power gems from Centari Alpha Sol Moon Pi VI.

Jump with up+left/right
Move with left/right
Blow up scenery with digging bullets by pressing fire button 1
Toss dirt with dirt bullets by pressing fire button 2

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Pirate Kart 2
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