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A really fiddly game that is like Thrust but plays more like Lander if it was 2D and I had played Lander before I started making this.

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It's more like Irritating

It's more like Irritating Maze in hell.

Tell us the truth. Can you get anywhere in it?? I bet there's an invisible wall somewhere so that even if you're a master you can't win it. You probably didn't even program the win condition!

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This is even worse than evil maze.

I managed to almost get through the first corridor but I doubt that anyone could get through that bit at the lower right corner. I thought that was a sunnovabitch even when I was drawing out the course (it was actually easy to get through but that's before I made it harder). But that's not the real problem, the real problem is the controls so you probably won't get to the win condition anyway and I use the term 'condition' lightly.

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I gave up on this after,

I gave up on this after, like, thirty seconds.

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I lasted longer than you,

I lasted longer than you, but probably didn't make it any further.