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Witchmall (for Kate B)


A sing-em-up about urban decay and the beauty of lost memories. Can YOU find all the ghosts?

This game was made for Kate B for Sekret Santa 2019.

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SPIDER TIME: Hide and Seek

1395 mamam.png

originally released in 2014
Hello! Welcome to my game!

WASD/Arrow keys - Move around
Mouse - Look around
Space - Jump around

Content warnings
You can talk to insects and their relatives. there are also arthropods which may look like spiders, but are not. The game has big places to jump so if you have arcophobia please be careful. Also when graphics are set on fastest the rotating bugs may harmful to your eyes.

Thank you's and Credits
Thanks to Tentabropy for code help and constant support!
Thanks to ID software for making DOOM.
Thanks to Stephen theCatamites for making Goblet Grotto.
Thanks to Stanlow Crickets for making the song "Passage to Dadaville" that is featured in this game.
Thanks to bogleech for making me think about insects.


Marie Gevaudan
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An event

A Terribly Fast World

A terribly fast thumbnail word.png

a 3d game
use wasd to move and space to jump
songs used :
borat songs
ievan polkka
two tracks by bulfú
tiny tim
can you feel the sunshine
some tracks made by me
russian city ambient sounds

special thanks to :
jake clover ( inspiration )
tom van den boogart ( inspiration )

thanks for playing this took one whole week to be made :)

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Tri Soup Shmup - Pirate Kart Edition


An abstract shmup i originally made for a LD48 , but added 24h more into it and overhauled a bunch of gameplay. Most of the time was spent on working out the gameplay and pacing.

Eventually a single hit from an evil red triangle will kill you (they do more damage the longer the game plays), so stockpiling energy early on and good timing of 'Time Slow' and 'Teleport' will keep you alive longer as well as boost the score multiplier.

Instructions are onscreen.
Love it? Hate it? Help me make it better and tell me about what you like and dont like about it.



Christina Coffin
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Vertical Void


Explore an endless cave-system, and try not to hit any walls – how long can you make it?

- Immersive in-your-head ego-controls!
- Automatic procedural awesome level-generation!
- Highscores! To see how well/horribly you performed!
- Glowy stuff!

Feel free to check my other stuff over at www.matthewongamedesign.com


Matthias Zarzecki
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So Many Games (or not)


Multi-pack of several amazing games:
"Rotater" - an interactive poem on the politics of potatoes.
"They Will Find You" - title pretty much sums it up.
"Tosser" - are you one? This game will help you answer the question.
"Find Them" - a cheeky decon-recon switch of "They Will Find You".

Edwin DeNicholas
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An event

The Mountain


The Mountain is a (prototype of a) puzzle/economic strategy game (stripped down to the prototype state), where the player controls a voxel-based mountain in order to manage a settlement at its foot.

Short tutorial: Aether is your action points. You can use it to select bricks in the Mountain and place new ones on top of it. When you run out of aether, you lose. In order to have aether income, you have to maintain Fear/Love balance as close to 0 as you can. To do that, drop bricks of different colors and see how they shift balance (hint: red ones are going to become explosives later on).

The game is turn-based. This has an obvious reason later on, but right now you just have to know that you can select 4 bricks in the front layer per turn.

(look for the Mac version in attachments)

Sergey Mohov
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An event
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