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WarioWare D.I.Y: Invisi-phant


The highly anticipated follow-up to Find-a-phant provides a more formidable challenge! Again, this is a remake of an existing trainwreck, Where is the invisible Elephant? by MarkP0rter.

Join the event to get this game! The .mio file is also available for download.

Again, here's a Vine playthrough.

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WarioWare D.I.Y: Find-a-phant


You must find and tap the elephant in this MarkP0rter-inspired WarioWare D.I.Y. microgame.

If you want to play it, join the event! The .mio file is also available for download.

If you can't play it, here is a Vine playthrough.

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So Many Games (or not)


Multi-pack of several amazing games:
"Rotater" - an interactive poem on the politics of potatoes.
"They Will Find You" - title pretty much sums it up.
"Tosser" - are you one? This game will help you answer the question.
"Find Them" - a cheeky decon-recon switch of "They Will Find You".

Edwin DeNicholas
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Where is the Elephant?


The Elephant also known as master of disguise in the world of the animals is hiding from you. Can you spot the whereabouts of this cunning beast?

edit: w00t game number 99 for the pirate kart

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