WarioWare D.I.Y: The Last Hurrah

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Sun, Apr 20 2014 01:00 AM
04/20/2014 - 01:00
05/20/2014 - 01:00


On May 20, Nintendo will put an end to DS and Wii Wi-Fi Connection functionality, and with it the last Nintendo-sanctioned method of transferring WarioWare D.I.Y. wares for distances of over 65 feet. Before that happens, let's make and swap as many microgames, records and comics as we can!

Friend codes (DS):

Sergio (1): 2537 1140 5873
Sergio (2): 3140 1088 2254
Duncan: 4815 1511 7637
SpindleyQ: 1763 5139 9796
snapman: 0088 4880 2877
Cycle: 3569 6204 9809
racarate: 2796 5299 8891 [updated]
SomniLottie: 0606 0831 5982

Important Update: it is apparently impossible to register new Wii friend codes, so that option is now off the table. :(

If you want to be added to this list, send me a PM with your friend code!

See also: friend codes previously posted on the site (not guaranteed to still work)

Submitting to this event

Items in your warehouse are available to download for everyone you've mutually swapped friend codes with, but I'd appreciate notifications of anything made specifically for the event. You can also submit game pages for them here on the site if you want!

I plan to convert and archive all submissions as .mio files for posterity. I will also accept direct .mio submissions from anyone with the ability to make them. If this event takes off they could see release as the Glorious Trainwrecks WarioWare D.I.Y. Pirate Kart, which I'll worry about the logistics of later.

Potentially helpful tools

If you want to share your work as .mio files, or do additional editing on your computer, these tools could help! They typically require a flashcart, emulator, or access to your WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase save file.

  1. DeSmuME is capable of emulating WarioWare D.I.Y. almost perfectly! I'm sure that only members of this upstanding community who already own the game will choose to seek the ROM for use with the tools below. Also, if the tutorials are boring you, skip them with my DeSmuME save file (comes with a bunch of submitted games as a bonus)!
  2. miotool by yasu (Ctrl+F 'miotool' to find) allows you to transfer .mio files (representing games, records and comics) between your save file and computer. On the same page, mioedit (Ctrl+F 'mioedit' to find) can be used to edit a game's internal assets and presentation. I used it extensively for Eat a Baby!
  3. bobmcjr is currently developing a tool with a wide variety of uses! It currently allows save editing from a wide variety of input formats, some batch dumping, and even MIDI export for records! Follow this thread, or download the latest version here.
  4. CrygorTool is similar to miotool, but doesn't subtly inject the text 'yasu' into everything you run through it. May be useful if you experience issues with the above tools.
  5. Combining DeSmuME with LICEcap has allowed me to make some pretty sweet microgame GIFs. I'm happy to make GIFs of submitted microgames on request for those unable to.


  1. In order to connect your DS to the internet, you'll have to access a router using WEP encryption, an outdated encryption method that you are almost certainly not currently using! You can also make it work by just turning off wireless security entirely.
  2. Your friend code can be found (after connecting to the internet at least once) under Distribution Centre > WFC > Friend Settings on the top screen.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try my best to add answers here!

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Games made for WarioWare D.I.Y: The Last Hurrah


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I only recently got Wario

I only recently got Wario Ware D.I.Y. I really wish I had it when I was still in school. I might actually buy a WEP router somewhere just to DL some games.

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I sorta know how you feel! I

I sorta know how you feel! I missed out on trading games here back in 2010 and 2012, and really wish I'd had a chance to see all the stuff people produced here. Hopefully a few of these old wares will be passed my way in the next few days...

Your current router probably has a setting for WEP somewhere! Alternatively, you could try disabling security for the 10 or so minutes it takes to connect to WFC and trade games. Some routers are just inexplicably DS-incompatible though, so I hope you don't run into that issue.

DSi has WoomPA

it's like a Gopmpa or Oopaopeaop but with whoomp, like that old hit. I have completely missed out on the diy and it's a shame it's gonna lose a belt notch in a month, which makes this event well, pretty much timed perfectly and orchestrates the timing just right.

Back to the OP, DSi was a legacy that i haven't seen or will see a like-minded successor and as I think the new system's okay, I don't know if it will endorse the swift and sleekness the prior generations of non-3d entertainment provided Your idea though, it like elevates highly, like a torch ready for a blanket firebed to light our way to all these things. Maybe one day if I'm out and abouts the town I'll check ze local shoppe to see if there's a patronage to be made, but I run in sluggish days and may not contribute to the maybe not-so-final dispersement as hopefully someone can pick up from the legacy it has apparently brought, but yeah ,I can produce this magical seasons greetings card that I may or may not have already presented. Enjoy One of these days I'm gonna Get- Organiz-i

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L linked me this exhaustive

L linked me this exhaustive Warioware DIY archive, because I was curious if anyone was grabbing the publicly available games before the servers disappeared. Apparently those and way, way, way more.

I'm using a 3DS, do I use

I'm using a 3DS, do I use the same friend code I use for 3DS games for DS games too?

EDIT: nevermind, figured it out!

I've spent hours on this

I've spent hours on this five second game so you all better play it

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So if you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I've been talking a lot about trying to extract my DIY games off my flashcart for preservation's sake. I finally managed it this evening, after a week and a half of griping. You need a DS and a Wii. Here's how I did it.

1) Purchase WarioWare DIY Showcase from WiiWare. I'm assuming this goes away on the 20th, so do this right away. It's $8, but you'll end up paying $10 and having a useless amount of Wii points sitting around. Whee!
2) Go to the Distribution Center in both games; on the Wii, say "Connect to DS", on the DS, "Connect to Wii".
3) Copy your games over to the Wii.
4) From the Wii data management menu, copy your WarioWare DIY Showcase save game onto an SD card. (bobmcjr says you need to mod your Wii and use a special tool to extract it? I've got a modded Wii U, and SaveGame Manager GX didn't work at all for me, but just copying it to my SD card was fine.)
5) Open Z:\private\wii\title\wa4e\data.bin in the latest version of bobmcjr's WarioWare DIY tool (where Z is the drive letter of your SD card). The dialog box says it's looking for MIO files; ignore it, it recognizes Wii saves. (Crygortool and mio_extract do not appear to.)
6) Click on "Dump All...". You'll be given the option to export all of the games from the save file as MIO files.

I've attached all of my games in a zip to this comment! Let me know if you attempt to actually play them from this form.

SpindleyQ_WarioWare.zip40.5 KB

Thanks for the tip and

Thanks for the tip and investigation!

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Further tips

You say you have a flashcart? If you're running the game off it, there could be a simpler way. I got the game running on Wood R4, and the .SAV file in the same folder as the ROM can be directly used by most of the tools I listed. There are even homebrew apps I haven't tried that allow wireless .SAV file transfer between your DS and your PC, in case you want to get some kind of ultra-efficient dual-editing workflow going. Of course, I may have misinterpreted your comment, but if you have the capacity to run a less-than-legitimate copy of the game on DS, I highly recommend it.

>Purchase WarioWare DIY Showcase from WiiWare. I'm assuming this goes away on the 20th, so do this right away.

Apparently the Wii Shop will be sticking around, and Wii friend code adding has already been disabled, so this part is *probably* unaffected by the May 20 deadline.

EDIT: I have attempted and succeeded in playing all your games from .mio format!

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I do have a flashcart

I do have a flashcart (SuperCard SD), but I don't run DIY from it (not even sure if the patcher for that old thing works with DIY). Besides, I would really like to be able to quickly pull all of the games off of retail carts, so I can go on a used game-buying / archiving spree.

Glad you were able to grab / play my games!

Now that I have a bit more

Now that I have a bit more experience, I'm updating my first few games (mainly with random elements). I'll post again when the final versions are up. I'm also working on one more game, but after that I think it's going to be it.

I've quite enjoyed making these! I really wish I checked this out earlier. It's a wonderful piece of software. Reminds me of messing around with creation tools on the mac, like Hypercard and such.


Okay, the two latest versions of STUNT COPTER and HARD CHOICE are up! Get 'em now because I'll be putting the other two games up once I finish the last one.

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Got 'em, both! The new

Got 'em, both! The new version of HARD CHOICE has what seems like a bug: when the moai head collides with the burger, the sound effect plays continuously, creating an unearthly droning noise.

D'oh! Uploaded a fixed

D'oh! Uploaded a fixed version


My fourth game is done! It will also likely be my final game. This is a wonderful piece of software and I really wish I discovered it sooner, but I simply don't have time to make games only two people can play. I got it at just the right time though, I used it to make games while I was recovering from surgery. I think it helped make it less painful.

I'll upload the second games tomorrow morning (assuming I'm able to), giving other people the chance to grab my first two games. I would really appreciate it if other people added me, as the main reason I got this was so I could carry around other people's games in a cart.


I also authored two comics, and will upload them with the two new games. EXCITEMENT.

EDIT: And my final games and comics are up!

Why is Sergio the only

Why is Sergio the only person who's added me? I want to look at all your marvelous creations, new and old!

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One Week Left

I'm getting a late start on this, but I'll be resetting my router to the proper settings today, adding everybody, and making at least one game. For old time's sake.

Your comic made me lol

Your comic made me lol

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2 new games in my crates

I hoped to make more games for this but I've had a busy month. Just posted 2 games to my crates and videos on http://microcartridge.tumblr.com. Maybe I'll make one more before the 20th.

The change settings one is

The change settings one is brilliant, I can really relate.

I can't figure out how to win the sitting one, if there is indeed a way.

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Ah yes, you can't win that

Ah yes, you can't win that one. Since my games aren't usually played by anyone I don't always make them winnable or loseable. I'll release a patch :)

Switched my first two games

Switched my first two games back in so people who just added me have a chance to grab them. I grabbed everyone else's stuff, looking forward to playing/reading them!

I might make one last game after work tonight. It's the 19th here, so really today is the last day for me!

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I hope I'll be able to get

I hope I'll be able to get Brohug Pro before the end!

Okay, my final game is up

Okay, my final game is up for everyone to grab!

Thanks for organising this,

Thanks for organising this, Sergio, and thanks to everyone who took part! I had a lot of fun and I'm glad I got to send off the WFC service in such a grand way. I've had good times with it with other games.

Shout out to the people who didn't add their games here. I enjoyed the END OF EVA one, as it was very appropriate for the occasion. Great recreation of that. I also liked the comic.

I also liked Snapman's tongue in cheek game about shutting down a service and his SUPER LAST MINUTE SPACE SPHINX SNACK game.

SpindleyQ's Find Shit is incredible, as was the game and comic created by his son. The comic actually made me lol.

Anyway, yes, this was jolly good fun. What a wonderful piece of software.

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Yeah, it was pretty fun to return to a design system I hadn't used in... was it 4 years? Dang. Kind of makes me wish I had used it more during the system's lifetime. I guess you just don't know what you've got 'till it's gone. And so on.

Obsessively refreshing the crate list that evening to get any last-minute uploads was fun too. With my last game download I completely filled my DIY shelves. A fitting end!

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Thanks for the thanks, and

Thanks for the thanks, and thanks for contributing so many great games! In fact, thanks to everyone who participated, and also those who couldn't participate, but spread the word. I also feel indebted to Rynen10K, whose last WWDIY event was a lot prettier than mine, but was thwarted by Nintendo's servers being unresponsive for the entire duration of the event. :(

I'm still hoping to make one last game! I suppose it will be .mio only.

I should also say that I enjoyed Eric's contributions, though I didn't fully understand the game until I opened it up in the editor. I too made a WWDIY comic involving a frog a week or so ago, so I might have to include that in the eventual compilation.

Last note: to anyone reading this, you may also be interested in this album of WWDIY music released just prior to the WFC shutdown.


FYI, some people have figured out how to keep the service running for some games. Sadly, WarioWare isn't one of them (not yet, anyway)


Also, does anyone mind if I add other games created for this event on the creator's behalf?

sergiocornaga's picture

That's fine with me. I'm

That's fine with me. I'm still hoping to compile a WarioWare DIY Pirate Kart out of this event (maybe even including stuff from GT back in 2010 if someone has it). But I'm pretty sure I won't have time to start organising that until June, so do what you want in the meantime, and it could well make a compilation easier to organize in the future.

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I've got a cart literally

I've got a cart literally full of old GT stuff. I oughtta upload it all to my Wii, I guess. My zeal for writing a tool to dump it straight from my cart is waning, now that I realize that I have to deal with figuring out the encryption scheme...


Here are the comics and music I collected during this event. Let me know if I missed any.



* Pacomic # 1
(SPOILERS) Pac-Man eats chocolate.
* Deathstroyer
He is Deathstroyer of Death: Death 2!


* Geoff party
True story from a party this evening

SpindleyQ (actually made by his son):



* NWFCShutdown
A love letter for fans of NWFC!


WARNING: Contents may split sides!!!
WARNING: Contents may bust lungs!!!



* Fixed Tintin
Cover of J Tel's Tintin on the Moon
* Rubicon
A J. Tel tune with a hip-hop flava.
* Dune Medley
A tribute to Picq! The music of Dune.
* Die Roboter
A kool kover of a Kraftwerk Klassic!


* Confusion
Some sounds that happened...

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Alas. I never had WarioWare

Alas. I never had WarioWare D. I. Y.

Oh, well, no point in archiving it now...:P

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My Games: Bulk Download + Notes on Music

I've compiled just the games I made for this event here as a test for potential WWDIY Pirate Kart formats. It includes every .mio, a .sav file for use with hopefully most flashcarts, and a .dsv file specifically for use with DeSmuME.

Also, just for kicks, here are some notes on the music I made for my entries. Use of the term 'cover' should be taken with a grain of salt considering each song is 4 seconds long. For reference, you can hear poorly recorded snippets in the Vines I made.

Eat a Baby: cover of Stealth from Jill of the Jungle, as used in the original game.
Find-a-phant: loosely based on the in-game melody in the original game.
Invisi-phant: loosely based on Comsten by Goto80.
Handsfree: cover of from Hands Up by Ottawan, as used in the original game.
Go West: crudely simulated computer processing noises.
in the dark: cover of The Girl From Ipanema, as heard in numerous forms in Pirate Kart 2.
Xmastime: cover of One More Christmas by Patrick Alexander, as used in the original game.

WWDIYxGT.zip797.12 KB
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Is there any way you can

Is there any way you can import games in WarioWare D.I.Y. if you have an emulator and a rom of it?

Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.