WarioWare D.I.Y: Xmastime!

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OK, this one really (probably) is my last game. It's a tribute to SpindleyQ's 2012 Christmas present to me, It's Christmastime! Sorry for not remaking a game you didn't make for me... wait, does that even remotely warrant an apology

Here's a Vine recording.

Note: this game is endless, devoid of interaction and has no win condition.

Made For: 
An event


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I am so downloading this

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Whoa man I wasn't even

Whoa man I wasn't even finished making this page yet
Clearly I need to work on my editing speed

EDIT: OK, now it's done!

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I have the @gTrWx

I have the @gTrWx auto-game-posting bot to thank for my posting speed :)

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Saw the vine. That is a

Saw the vine. That is a hilariously faithful adaptation of the soundtrack!

Warioware DIY

Wish i still had my copy of Warioware DIY so i could play these Wario games!