Sekret Santa 2019: Ho ho ho!

Wed, Nov 27 2019 03:55 AM
11/27/2019 - 03:55
01/05/2020 - 23:59

Merry Chistmas to all!

It's that time of year again, folks! The Glorious Trainwrecks community comes together in the spirit of giving and receiving. Wish lists are concocted, makers secret themselves away in their gift workshops, and at the end of it all every participant comes away with a little something to fill them with holiday spirit.

Here's the three-step timetable:


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Merry (happy?)

Merry (happy?) holidays!
Last year I was lacking but im giving it my all this year.

My wishlist is as follows:

Skill based movement
crunchy feeling
lots of upgrades
first person (if possible, not necessary)
early internet grimy vibes
impossible spaces
lots of splattery effects
a build for mac if possible

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What I want for

What I want for chistmas:

1. Non-Standard Buttons
instead of/alongside normal buttons like "jump" "run" "attack" etc, include some actions not normally seen in a game

2. here is a list of things I like. Pick a few if you can
- X-Treme Sports
- Music
- "Dr Seuss-esque Shit"
- Adventure
- Female Protags
- no violence or death cause I hate it

3. Other things I like (optional)
- The Vibrant and Exciting Contrasted Against The Mind-Numbingly Boring
- Beautiful Scenery
- Spookies
- Homosexuality
- Heterosexuality
- Fun For Geography Nerds
- Girly Stuff
- Paganism
- Ragin Against The Machine
- Bright Colours

Dear Satna

All I want for Chistmas is:

  • Flightless Birds
  • Explosions
  • old-skool graphics and sound effects (8-bit and older is what I mean)
  • a high score table
  • no "games are art" foolishness... I'd rather see messy and raw, goofy stuff in my games
  • little-known historical figures from the past


(added a couple things to my originally-short list)

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my hopes and wishes

they are as follows:

- complicated environment
- air conditioner type vibe
- cryptic and/or abandoned

i will also love whatever you make thinking of me even if it has nothing to do with those. thank you so much <3

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Dear Secret Santa,

Normal Santa sux, but I know I can depend on you, Secret Santa. You're like a superhero. Or maybe more like a ninja. Either way, you get things done, so I trust you way more than that classist red buffoon.. I'd like these, if you please:
+ nice and/or cool bugs (maybe im the bug? wow)
+ big environment to explore
+ i know it sounds like i just want hollow knight so far but i don't like that game much so please don't get me hollow knight
+ horsetails (the plant)
Thanks secret santa you're my hero <3

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Dear Santa,I would like a

Dear Santa,

I would like a game where I get to walk around as a gay dragon like Dragonite, Goodra, or similar. I have two different game ideas. Pick one based on whether you can/want to make the 3D Option or the 2D Option.

3D Option: 3D Explor-o-space
- Can be first-person or third-person
- Old 90's 3D aesthetics, like Super Mario 64 and VRML worlds
- Colored lighting
- May optionally have collectible macguffins that are randomly positioned every time you play

2D Option: Zelda 2-like (but without the grinding or flashing colors)
- Sideview with jumping
- EGA DOS graphics with PC speaker sound
- Fall into pits to discover new rooms

If you can't do either option, just make a game in whatever tool you like, as long as I can be a gay dragon.

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Oh yeah, if you're making

Oh yeah, if you're making this in Unity, please provide a Linux build!

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My Christmas List

Dear Santa,
I would like to participate, and all I want for Christmas this year, is a game with the following features:

- A requiem
- A skateboard
- A seed
- A sunrise
- A spirit
- A pomegranate

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two possibilities based on what u want to do

you can pick one option, or do both if you are like really up to it!

A) make a parody of one of my existing games


B) make a game with any number of these elements:
- play as a dog
- slime aesthetic
- magic is real but so is a computer
- everybody is nice
- puzzles (but not sokobon)
- cube
- something cute

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Dear Santy Claws, For

Dear Santy Claws,

For klikmas this year I want a game that's played in your mind, not on the computer. Think tabletop games or choose your own adventure books. Single player please. Ideally it would take the form of a zip file full of images, text files, and bgms, and maybe some HTML to bind them together, but no javascript for gameplay.

Good things to include:
* Lots of colors
* Ambiguous mechanics
* Gameplay involves drawing
* Building mechanics
* Language
* Funny little characters
* Mixin' and matchin'
* CC-BY remixable rights so I can jam on your sweet assets

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Deer Santa

Choose your own Wishlist:

"Goblet Grotto-like"
"Tender Frog House"
Possibly Christmas Themed
Original Characters
Games where there's 2D sprites in a 3D environment are always good vibes (this is hard to do so it's not a requirement)

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things game should

things game should have:
public domain characters
HDMI cable
cough ability

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Woho! Finally, best part of

Woho! Finally, best part of the year!

This year I wish for some or all of the below (feel free to pick and chose if you want):

* Dystopian future
* Plot twist(s)
* Rain
* Some kind of puzzle solving
* Evil mega-corporation doing evil things

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Of course I'm in

Secret santa secret santa secret santa

Hi everyone

For secret santa, I'd like glimpses into (an)other unfamiliar world(s)
I hope the santa who gets me can work with that and has a lovely time doing so. :3

The rest of this extra:

Things I like:
-Animals, it's hard to choose
-Anthro stuff
-Cozy & kind & nice & soft (but don't let that restrict you)
-Space things (Like, things in there. Maybe not so much stars and planets)
-but also nature
-Places that are turned inwards
-Reflection (optically and mentally)
-Colourful things
-Nice (night?) skies
-GIFs and early 3D renderings

Stuff that isn't as easy as "I like this"

-Spiders are cool but please don't add spiderwebs I have a phobia for the latter.
-Ruins that look like they could have been functioning spaces instead of just grand monumentality
-If you want to do non-happy stuff then please do sad instead of angry
-Absolutely no horror please

(May edit later to add more things. Also I could give (I guess via a third person on that discord server? Would that work?) some art of my fursona or characters for reference if secret santa wants it. But that's not mandatory.)

EDIT: Added a few art things for reference of my sona (the bat) and another character (the mouse) that my santa can look at/use. Again, it's not mandatory to use either! I hope it's not too much on the resources here...

IMG_20190914_175925.jpg3.45 MB
PepijnrefV2cropa_edit.png150.05 KB
Dance_Loop.png31.58 KB
batelite_commission.png575.16 KB

Keep Extras Here

I suggest you add links to your artwork here for your Sekret Santa to consider. I mention this because even though there's a Discord server for this event, not everyone uses it. Meanwhile, -everyone- participating in this event has access to GT, so I'd say it's in your best interest to post your assets here.


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That's a good idea, I was

That's a good idea, I was going to say I don't know where to keep the stuff but it seems we have some file attachment thing here so let me try that.

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Dear Santa,I don't care

Dear Santa,

I don't care what's in my game as long as the soundtrack consists of at least one (1) original cover of a song by the rock band Screaming Females. They make good tunes and I want to listen to them when I'm playing games on my computer.

If you're musically inclined and can make searing midi or acoustic cover(s), more power to you! If you are not, it's okay if you're hitting a pot with a spoon while badly singing along. Maybe you could buy a kazoo? Any way you're able to incorporate the music is fine. They don't always sound good either.

Any tracks of theirs are fair game, but if you need help choosing one, my favorite tracks of theirs include "Arm Over Arm," "Baby Jesus" (, "Boyfriend," "Lights Out," "Halfway Down," "Laura and Marty," "Expire," "Help Me," "Poison Arrow," "Ripe," and "Skeleton."


EDIT: Tracks by guitarist Marissa Paternoster's solo act, Noun, are also acceptable. Her most recent album, Slug, has a lot of acoustic stuff on it if that may suit the tone of your game more than blistering rock n' roll.

Name-drawing Saturday 7th December

As of this writing, there's about 36 hours left to post a wish list. If you're thinking about it, don't miss your chance! Already looks to be a fantastic assortment of gifts, so why not add yours to the mix?

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hi i'm new here ^-^

all i would like for cristmist is .. like,, a cool game! that would be neat...

it could be like... a game that teaches you essential life skills, but also doesn't seem like it's teaching you anything at first glance!
or it could be.. a game which is a joke, but it's very hard to figure out what the joke is!
maybe .... a game with a tutorial that's longer and more interesting than the main game!
how about . a game about figuring out what music you should play in the background while playing the game? maybe

any of those would be nice.. thank u.

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Dear Sekret, for my

Dear Sekret,

for my wishlist I'd like to ask for any, all and/or none of the following things:

- lots of foam
- dinosaur bones
- a vehicle section
- tarot cards
- sound effects from this insect compilation:
- secret cyborg-mechs in love with each other (but really badly drawn)
- this colour: #2f7408

A big thank-you from your sekret admirer <3

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all i want is a river..

all i want is a river..

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For Klikmas this year I

For Klikmas this year I would like a game involving a highly detailed interactive backpack. That's all I want, but I'll add some of my thoughts below.

A backpack is a very cool object because it can be interacted with in so many ways, and serve so many different purposes simultaneously. It can have pockets of various sizes with various methods of closure (zippers, buttons, velcro, clasps, buckles, draw strings, rolled material - as seen on dry bags). It can have straps to attach things to the outside that wouldn't fit internally or external pouches to keep items within quick reach. It can have an internal water sack with a tube for drinking on the go. It can be decorated with patches, pins and other adornments. Some backpacks have simple arm straps and some have an added chest or waist belt to better secure it to you. Some backpacks even have a built in folding stool so you can simply set it down, fold it out and sit directly on your backpack. A backpack can do almost anything, while being carried comfortably on your back.

Some ways you can interact with backpacks (these are not necessarily requests, just for inspiration)
-wear them on your back
-carry them in your hand
-take them off and leave them somewhere
-take them off to fit through tight spaces
-organize your stuff in the different pockets, pouches or slots
-attach things to the outside with the different straps, clips, pouches, bungie cords (cool example of this is a pair of boots attached externally by tying their laces together through a piece of the backpack)
-if you're in a hurry you can reach into one of the pockets and blindly feel around for the item you're looking for
-you can stuff something into a backpack without caring where exactly it ends up
-if you have to run or jump over something you can grip the arm straps to better control your backpacks shifting weight

Hope some of this got your gears spinning. Take whatever you like.

Heres some pics of cool backpacks:

Mega Ultra Bonus Request (not at all necessary unless you're feeling Mega Ultra ambitious) - pair this backpack with a non-standard walking mechanic.

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a game with groups

a lot of my favorite games from my childhood had you controlling a team of people to complete various objectives (e.g. socom, combat desert storm)

i think it would be cool to make a game where you control a group of people to complete various (or one) task but it isn't necessarily war focused

thanks so much and hope this isn't too late!

Please Standby

Sit tight, sebae509... The name-drawing was completed an hour or two before you submitted your list, but it's not the end of the world. I'll see what we can do about your list, and having a list passed along to you.

sebae509's picture

I super appreciate it! No

I super appreciate it! No worries if it doesn't work out, thank again!

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Hi Sekret Santa! I like cute

Hi Sekret Santa! I like cute things. I think I would like a game about exploring an unconventional ruin. But honestly, I don't have a good grasp on what I want and tend to like most games uploaded to this site, so if these things don't appeal to you, make whatever you like instead. The odds are stacked in your favour! I also approve of "internet research" to determine what I might enjoy, but this is by no means mandatory.

Welcome to the Terrordome

Hello sergiocornaga & sebae509! You're the next participants in theSekret Santa 2019 Chistmas Klikmas Gift Extravaganza!

Seriously though, welcome! You should have received a private message from me with details of your intended recipient and the (completely optional) Discord server invite.

Please let me know if you have questions or problems. Thanks!



Every Day I'm Cobblin'

Hey all--

So word around town is that a lot of folks still have a lot of work to do (including me!). DON'T SWEAT IT! This happens every year.

Please keep at your gifts, even if it's only a little bit each day. We all know how challenging it is round this time of year - some years more than others - to set aside so much time and effort for someone you might not even know. But take heart in knowing that, when they do receive your gift, it'll put a big smile on their face knowing that something special was made for them.

Of course, for those of you who were able to finish your gifts on time, here's an enormous cup of hot cocoa for your troubles...!

If you prefer peanut butter cups in your cocoa, I also have you covered...!


fotocopiadora's picture

thats big cup

thats big cup


And did you see those little mug mittens?

I tell ya, I went all-out this year.

Temperature Check: 14th February

Someone floated the idea of 14th February as another major release day. Might there be some reasonable chance that those of you still chipping away at your gifts might be able to post something then?

Just a little food for thought. No serious pressure though, of course...!