Late Christmas, a Game for AKAIR

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The bus Stopped and you find yourself in some kind of urban setting, can you find the five ticket shards needed to get to the train station?

WASD move, E to interact, use the mouse to select dialog options
Space Bar to Jump
Escape to Quit the game anytime

"Rain, Moderate, A.wav" by InspectorJ ( of

Like all christmas games this one came in late! ah well!

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Game Rules

I always suck at balancing eggs, so I'm pretty sure I'd -never- go first! Such is life. :)

Wonderful atmosphere you've created here, hellojed! Listening to the falling rain while wandering through the masses of vegetation was evocative and mellow, especially so because whenever you emerge from the brush you find only weirdly-shaped, ramshackle dwellings in a gloomy "hell." Nice work!

It's always a challenge to come up with something that brings out a strong mood when it comes to a short development cycle like that of the Klikmas event, but I think you succeeded.

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Holy shit, this looks

Holy shit, this looks awesome!
So sorry I missed this, I will play and leave a comment as soon as I've played it!
Thank you :)

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Wow, this was amazing! You

Wow, this was amazing! You managed to create a very dreamlike, atmospheric game, it felt like walking through a dystopian suburb.
I grew up in the suburbs with big, gray concrete boxes so I love this setting especially much.
At first, I didn't really bother to look for the ticket shards, I had to much fun exploring the surroundings and talking to the inhabitants. My favorite was the used-amusement-park-car-seller... My first thought when I saw the cars was that they seemed a bit tiny.

I also "glitched" myself out of the city in to the mountains (later found I could just walk out without problem). It was cool to watch the city from a distance! :)

This game was fantastic, thank you so much for making it and sorry it took awhile for me to see it. Wouldn't mind playing a longer game in this setting! :)

Edit: Made it up here! :P

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Awesome! I'm so glad you

Awesome! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I tried some new modeling techniques I've learned to make buildings and it seemd to work pretty well

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Yeah, it looked really cool!

Yeah, it looked really cool! What new modeling technique was it? Did you make it all in Unity or did you use some other 3D app as well?

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I used this tutorial, it's

I used this tutorial, it's basically Texture -> Edge loops -> extrude away

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Blender lazy tutorials have

Blender lazy tutorials have been great since it's basically Texture -> Edge loops -> extrude away

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Awesome haha! Thanks for

Awesome haha!

Thanks for the link, gonna have to save that for when I take the leap over to 3D.