klikmas19 from quasiotter to everyone who signed up for klikmas lol

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hi ok i missed the sekret santa signup it made me super sad so i decided to make a story for everyone !! i took one of the items from each wishlist and put it in the game (if u had 5 items i chose one) some of the items in the game are directly referred to but some of them are only implied and they are in order from top of the page to the bottom. um i think that's it for now lol

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this was wonderful, thank

this was wonderful, thank you so much!

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You absorb the Orb.

Excellent tribute, and an awesome, gift-spanning effort! Well done. :)

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I liked it! Also, my Tender

I liked it!
Also, my Tender Frog House Drawing is attached.

(My life in
Tender Frog House:
impossible to get out)

TenderFrogHouse.jpg3.99 MB
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white rune

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I liked this a lot,

I liked this a lot, thanks!

Also, here is my frog house drawing:

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Just wanted to give you another virtual high-five for your efforts, quasiotter. This was a creative and exceedingly generous gift you've passed along to all the participants. Thanks again...! :D