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STREAMs OF CONSCIOUSNESS is about water... but not just water by itself, rather, the way it affects the world around it, as it rushes about its daily activities. and how can we measure this, make sense of it all? the only way possible, of course. by recording various interpretations of the meaning, the impact, the purpose, of water.


once you have launched the program, you will find yourself on the main menu. be hesitant in turning up the volume, because the subtle ambience will fade in over time. we wouldn't want you loading a scene and suddenly being alarmed by the difference in volume of the new surroundings! while we're at it, we will say that headphones are recommended for clarity of experience, but they are not required. in fact, no sound at all should not stop you from engaging!

now, to begin playing back a recording, hover your cursor on the orb aligned with the stream of your choice. your cursor will begin to gently dance back and forth when correctly positioned. with just a simple click, you will find yourself in the viewing station! oh, and by the way we replaced your cursor with a wand, for convenience.

now, in the viewing station, we have taken liberties once more to change your cursor, this time into a gloved hand (for operating the controls), as well as a pointing arrow (for pinpointing pixels in the photograph display). playback of the stream will begin immediately, which may or may not include its own background ambience piece. subtitles appear in the center of the bottom section, and may be turned off or back on again by clicking on the appropiately labelled buttons.

once a stream has ended, you will be prompted to return to the main menu- however, there is no rush. perhaps you wish to contemplate what you just learned, remaining seated in silence or sound, as the case may be. when you are prepared to move on to another perspective for your consideration, click the "Back" button, in the shape of an arrow, on the bottom left of the screen, and follow the instructions from the top. you may also, of course, exit a recording early for any reason, such as disliking the person speaking. we won't hold it against you.

Linux Compatibility

STREAMs OF CONSCIOUSNESS was made and tested by me on Linux, using Wine. I expect it to run fine on any other Linux system using Wine too, as is often the case for any Clickteam game. however, if you run into any issues with it, please message me or leave a comment, and I'll try to help you solve it!


game by Nikki Bee, with assistance from the Spiral system members Jessie, Ruffty, and Corvin.
made for the glorious trainwrecks sekret santa 2019 event, as a gift for karen-k.
playtested by Dalia Coss, fotocopiadora, pferd-am-herd, and Sergio Cornaga.

please see the included "README.txt" for a full credits listing!

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once in awhile i think about how weird water is, there's so many moods, states, intentions? when i drink water in oregon and california it's different. i'm so afraid of drowning and i can't swim well but i love hot tubs. it's impressive, scary, cute, cold, scalding, everything in between. i enjoyed going through these and thinking about water in ways different than my own. and in different voices, with narrative, and tones. i do like to look at water but today i'm going to be especially aware of it. i enjoy what this has given me

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ty for your comment! we're

ty for your comment! we're glad you enjoy it, especially the different shapes of approach we developed.

and thanks for sharing your thoughts on water. it's at once life, and the potential for death... there is so much to consider of it.

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I felt as though I was in an

I felt as though I was in an alternative world early 90's in which Microsoft Encarta had been made by Laurie Anderson. That's my take for what it's worth. I was reminded a little of your 'Tram Simulator Critique Museum' - this vein of skewed edutainment is really rather interesting.

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oh my goodness that

oh my goodness that description is perfect!! and yes, Tram Simulator Critique Museum was great practice for us to put together somewhat-improv perspectives. we had a lot of fun with this one cause I recorded myself speaking. modulating your own voice back and forth to make it unrecognizable is kind of thrilling! finally, "skewed edutainment" is absolutely a common trend in what I aim for!