Witchmall (for Kate B)

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A sing-em-up about urban decay and the beauty of lost memories. Can YOU find all the ghosts?

This game was made for Kate B for Sekret Santa 2019.

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I love this! I like how it's

I love this! I like how it's a 4-dimensional space in a way, where I'm also moving along the axis of my voice's pitch, allowing me to see things depending on where I am

I also love the way you've rendered the mall textures out of chopped up photographs to create an asbtract impression of a mall

I also read the readme file and I like your breakdown of the decisions that went into it (as well as a refresher of my list)- the way you did contrasting between the boring and the exciting was very well done and one of the feelings I def got from it

it's also very pretty to look at. just a weird and interesting space that screenshots very well. I love the aesthetic.

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very cool

I liked the blue rhombohedron walker.