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Witchmall (for Kate B)


A sing-em-up about urban decay and the beauty of lost memories. Can YOU find all the ghosts?

This game was made for Kate B for Sekret Santa 2019.

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Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 1.25.56 AM.png

Made in 48hrs for Ludum Dare 38 (Theme: A small world)

Took 2nd place in the humor category !


a / d - move left / right

w - umbilical cord whip

space - jump

I made the music using Famitracker.
I came up with the melody while taking a poop, and recorded it in like 20 mins right before the compo ended.
Other sounds, like the splat, are just my voice.

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pump city xx


just a small zone

made in bitsy

(arrow keys/wasd to move)

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Line dodger (30 min jam game)

game 5.PNG

I small game about dodging lines by pressing space which I made in 30 minutes.


press space to avoid lines but you use up stamina.

Get blue cubes to regain stamina.

Survive for as long as possible.


arrow keys/WASD: move
hold SPACE: avoid lines

R: restart room
P:fullscreen toggle

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Volcano Island


Wanted to make something smaller and more relaxed cause I usually turn up the weird/angry/in-your-face knob too much. I also wanted to experiment with multiplayer more. There's 4 girls on an island and a bunch of rooms. You can control every girl and explore the island. there's minimal interaction. I threw in some of my old music as a backdrop

Girl 1:
arrow keys: move
enter: interact

Girl 2:
WASD: move
E: interact

Girl 3:
IJKL: move
O: interact

Girl 4:
Numpad 8456: move
Numpad 9: interact

This was surprisingly stressful to make

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The Five Minute Hallway


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Tiny Doom


This brand new mod makes you and monsters and other items TINY... can you find your way around now in this terrifying, gigantic world? look out for that huge monster... !

(currently only works on the first map, except more TINY DOOM in the future!)

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Tiny House: A Knytt Story

Victorian House.jpg

Tiny House is yet another entry in Sergio's "One screen" competition. Actually I think the due date for that has passed, but since I haven't seen him pick a winner yet I decided to make another entry, mostly just to pass the time. Again, seeing the one screen would probably spoil the fun, so I'm holding off on a screenshot. Instead, have this picture of a house I found in my pictures folder!

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Strange Valley (Knytt Stories)


I've hit a wall with most of my projects, and what better way to deal with that than to re-release something you've already finished?

Actually, this was made for a fairly obscure tileset project, which you can read more about here and here. The basic gist of it is, some guys made parts of a tileset, and nobody was supposed to see any part of the tileset that they weren't working on. Meanwhile, some people (like me) made a level based on a placeholder tileset, which would then be replaced by the finished tileset when every tilesetter had finished their part. I fixed a minor issue with the finished tileset, but other than that I left things untouched. The screenshot is of the placeholder tileset (I wanted to leave the look of the level a surprise). Have fun!

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Tree House


I was disappointed with my other entry for this Knytt of the Month, so I made another one. I'm a lot more pleased with this one, but be warned, it's still really short.

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