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The Abandoned Space Station


This is a challenge area heavily featuring robots. It also contains several secret areas which are more exploratory in nature (and form a good half of the unique screen total). It has two endings/exits, and I'd be happy to edit in connecting areas to other people's sections (there's one particular secret area that might be perfect for that, in fact). The level uses a gradient by Vegetal Gibber and the music is public domain, Faure's Barcarolle No.1 Op. 26 performed by the European Archive. The ambience is all Nifflas's. The two tilesets used in the level are LEGO by PONTO and MECCANO by X_SHEEP respectively.

Unique Screens: 54-60 (60 if you count sky tiles which aren't just blank, 54 if you discount tiles that you can't walk or climb on).

Powers Used: Run (you start with this one), Climb, Double Jump, High Jump, Umbrella, Eye.

Collectibles: Two artifacts (no. 5 and 6, but this can be changed).

I'm pleased with this iteration of the level (I had to completely restart at one point), and I've checked it several times for any wallswims and the like, but I'd be happy to hear anyone's suggestions and stuff like that. This is the first complete level I've ever done! I'm really happy to be working on this collaboration with you guys. Now to try and finish my other solo level project before December comes around...

UPDATE: I took the advice given to me by VG and Sergio and used darkened background tiles and a fixed gradient. The first secret area is now much easier to find your way out of and has three save points in it.

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The Five Minute Hallway


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Yellow Joggler: Ice-Cream Men Quest


You are trapped in Pillow Factory Inc. and you must kill the CEO.
Collect Ice - Cream Men (tm) and avoid Al the Aliens and Normal Guys.

Protagonist: Yellow Joggler
Antagonist: Normal Guy
Location: At a pillow factory
Weapon: Sword
Objective: Gather all the ice-cream men

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