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WASD + Arrow Keys to move,
Click to shoot,
Space to jump,
Hold "R" to generate a new planet

Featuring music by forestbath

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An event
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Short action/arcade/high-score game.

Inspired by the appropriation of African American culture in the witch house genre of electronic music. Fighting games/90's Capcom games take the place of trap music and action/arcade takes the place of electronic/house music.

The Mac and PC versions are different as the PC version has a paste to background effect.

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An event

Yellow Joggler: Ice-Cream Men Quest


You are trapped in Pillow Factory Inc. and you must kill the CEO.
Collect Ice - Cream Men (tm) and avoid Al the Aliens and Normal Guys.

Protagonist: Yellow Joggler
Antagonist: Normal Guy
Location: At a pillow factory
Weapon: Sword
Objective: Gather all the ice-cream men

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An event
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Made for a Kickstarter reward.

Constellation Games is a serial novel by Leonard Richardson, who you might know as the writer of the excellent short story Mallory, or the designer of robotfindskitten. It involves a man whose first instinct when the space aliens arrive is to wonder what kind of videogames they play. Gatekeeper is one of them.

The best way to explain it would be to quote the chapter at you, but basically you're in charge of making sure people transition correctly from the land of the living to the land of the dead, and vice versa. (Ghosts with Serious Business to attend to are allowed to return briefly; but if it's the living half of a dead Farang demanding a refund, flick them back from whence they came.)

Played with the mouse, rather than the inscrutable abacus/pipe organ controller that the Brain Embryo originally shipped with.

Music by goto80; sound effects by RutgerMuller.

Jeremy Penner
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An event
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Choose your weapon!


This is an exciting new war combat simulator! It realistically simulates a battle between two aliens.

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An event
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Lander Pinball


Makes use of MMF2's powerful new built-in movement capabilities to provide you with even more terrible fun! Use your alien lander to keep the ball in play - there are no flippers to be found in this game!

Left and right to turn. Up to thrust. Space to launch ball.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2

The Flying V


Aliens are invading! The Flying V team will save the day!

Warning: Spastic camera.

8-way movement = Movement
Button 1 = Shoot when going left or right

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2

Awesome Space Fighter


A candidate for the second pirate cart.
Fly your Awesome Space Fighter craft through space and avoid colliding with alien monsters.
Ship downgrades when hit. Do not die.

Arrows/Joystick = move
Shift/Button 1 = shoot

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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