Tiny Doom

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This brand new mod makes you and monsters and other items TINY... can you find your way around now in this terrifying, gigantic world? look out for that huge monster... !

(currently only works on the first map, except more TINY DOOM in the future!)

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Hah, this is quite cute. And

Hah, this is quite cute. And it also feels odd to play such a famous level from a different perspective. Love how long it takes for fireballs and rockets to hit something, it makes the level feel like it's obeying different rules than regular sized ones.

A bit bummed there is actually no giant monster, though.

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Glad you enjoyed it! I

Glad you enjoyed it! I wanted to put in a joke like a huge monster or something at the end to make it worth playing, but I'm very new to doom editing still and have no idea how to do that :x