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"I Let The Sunglasses Do The Talking"

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"i can see you
but you can't see me, baby
my face obscured by the shadows

i can watch you
undetected, baby
and i know you'll never knowwwwwww"

-sunglasses man

(I changed it a tiiiny bit... here's the original if you're curious:

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I spent Easter Monday learning how to make 3D games in Unity. This is the result!


Devour the miniature purple suns!

They will allow you to jump higher!

Jump all the way to the top of the universe, then dive into the sun!

After you dive, you unlock NEW GAME MODE+! Hit backspace if you want your jumping height to go back to the lowest.

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Tiny House: A Knytt Story

Victorian House.jpg

Tiny House is yet another entry in Sergio's "One screen" competition. Actually I think the due date for that has passed, but since I haven't seen him pick a winner yet I decided to make another entry, mostly just to pass the time. Again, seeing the one screen would probably spoil the fun, so I'm holding off on a screenshot. Instead, have this picture of a house I found in my pictures folder!

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Fuck the Sun II: Sun Lover


You are in love with the Sun.

It's the only thing that turns you on.

Your goal is clear.

Travel to the Sun.

And make love to it.


UPDATE 3/29/2015: Compatibility with Windows 8

John D. Moore
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Cucumbersome is a game about cucumbers and frustrating control schemes and also Mario.

Badass music by h_double!

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The Great Star Fusion


Loosely based on an idea in the fourth paragraph of this.

Arrows to move. Z, Space or Up to jump.
There is a secret ending.

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